Covid, Magrini: “In the autumn, recall for over 50s or 60s with updated vaccines”

“In the autumn we will certainly have different vaccines, associated or not with influenza, which will be adapted to some of the variants of the virus and, therefore, more effective. I believe we will come to define an age threshold beyond which to recommend annual vaccination against Covid. It could be that of the over 60s or over 50s, based on health assessments and the progress of the pandemic, always in coordination with other European countries “. This is the picture drawn by the director general of Aifa, the Italian drug agency, Nicola Magriniin an interview with ‘La Stampa’.

Will the universal vaccine against all coronaviruses also arrive in the autumn? “Not this year I think, even if that is undoubtedly the most interesting line of research to look at. I believe that for the pan-coronavirus we will have to wait until 2023”, replies Magrini. Therefore, also in the autumn Pfizer and Moderna will remain the “main vaccines available, given the success obtained, both from the point of view of safety and efficacy”. In addition to Pfizer and Moderna, “a third will arrive, that of CureVac, by the end of the year or in the first months of 2023: it was expected earlier, but they have had development problems and will soon begin clinical trials”.

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