Covid, more streamlined rules are coming from restaurants to beaches

Leaner rules. Made more consistent with the current epidemiological scenario, characterized by a “gradual overall reduction of the impact on hospital systems” and the “likely evolution towards a transition phase compared to the current pandemic emergency, in consideration of the immunization resulting from the vaccination campaign and to that determined by healing “. These are the updated guidelines prepared by the Conference of the Regions for the various economic and social activities, from restaurants to discos. The final version has not yet been published. After the green light of the CTS (one of the last acts before the end of the works, with the transfer of the state of emergency on March 31) to the draft forwarded, the final text will be approved next week. And it will then be incorporated into an ordinance by the Ministry of Health.

It remains the distance of one meter in indoor restaurants and shops

In the current draft, compared to the last official version dated December 2021, the mandatory distance of one meter remains in principle for indoor activities (with the exception of cinemas, theaters, congresses and conferences, museums), where it was already foreseen. So in indoor restaurants there is a distance of one meter between the tables. And always one meter distance between customers in shops and supermarkets. As well as in game rooms, thermal pools and wellness centers, training courses and discos (here two meters on the track).

No more fixed distances between umbrellas

Instead, things change outdoors. In bathing establishments, for example, the old rule of spacing between umbrellas disappears in order to guarantee an area of ​​at least 10 square meters for each umbrella. Goodbye also to the rule that a distance of at least 1 meter must be guaranteed between the beach equipment (sun loungers, deck chairs), when not positioned in the umbrella place. There remains privileged access to the establishments by booking, with a preferential option for payment electronically (debit or credit card). As well as the recommendation to reorganize the spaces “in order to avoid queues and gatherings of people”. If possible with “separate routes for entry and exit”.

The rules valid for all activities

These are then some fixed points valid for all economic and social activities governed by the guidelines (catering and ceremonies; tourist and hospitality activities; cinema and live entertainment; thermal pools and wellness centers; personal services; commerce; museums, archives, libraries and exhibitions; theme and amusement parks; conferences and congresses; gaming and betting rooms; local festivals and fairs; training courses; dance halls and discos)

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Information: exhibitors must provide adequate information on the prevention measures to be respected, including indications on the maximum capacity of the premises and also understandable to users of other nationalities.

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