Covid, no masks from 1 May. The obligation for transport, cinema and indoor sporting events has been extended

Obligatory masks on public transport, at the theater and cinema, in hospitals and for indoor sports competitions. An amendment was approved in the Chamber which provides for the extension the use of the mask until June 15th in specific areas, while for all the others – especially in the workplace – it is “strongly recommended”. The stop for all other cases is confirmed from May 1st.

Instead, it will remain necessary to wear personal protective equipment “in local public transport it’s at long distancefor the shows in the cinemain the theaters and for all events and sports competitions that take place indoors “, said the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, which announced that it will soon sign an ordinance for the extension of indoor masks that will act as a bridge until the conversion of the decree. In addition to these cases, the hospitals and health facilities, the nursing homes for the elderly (rsa), all events in the sports hallsin the entertainment venues and live music “.

“With the approval in the House committee of the amendment to the last Covid decree in March, the obligation to use masks practically everywhere ends”, is the comment of the Undersecretary of Health, Andrea Costa, who represented the government in the commission. Beyond the areas already mentioned, Costa added that “in other workplaces, without distinction between public and private, the mask will only be strongly recommended. It is – concluded Costa – a new phase consistent with the return to normality ”.

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