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Access to the internal medicine department of the Valdarno hospital suspended as a precaution. The measure, which starts today and will remain in force until May 2, was made necessary due to the positivity of five hospitalized patients to Covid. The management of the Santa Maria alla Gruccia monobloc informs that the protocol has been applied to implement prevention actions in order to reduce the spread of the infection.

“The news to family members – reads a note released by the health management – will be provided by telephone and for any emerging situations the medical staff will allow the visit in the presence”. Patients tested positive for the swab would be asymptomatic or with mild symptoms and therefore would not present particular worsening of health conditions. In the case of positivity of the staff, the home isolation procedures would be started immediately. For those who are hospitalized, however, the only solution to counter the advance of the virus is to temporarily close to visits by external people. It is now easier for patients to connect with loved ones.

Thanks to the resources collected in 2021 by the Coronavirus Emergency Fund promoted by Curva Sud, Aquila 1902, Memoria Rossoblù and Avis Montevarchi, 10 tablets were donated to the hospital to give patients the opportunity to see their relatives and talk to us through video calls. It is not the first time that Covid has entered hospitals. In March 2020 in the Valdarno hospital there were seven infected, at the time all internal to health personnel. Also in the same year, seven other positive cases at the Tuscany Rehabilitation Clinic, which is based in the Gruccia hospital. The last block of visits to the CRT dates back to January of this year, again due to a sudden surge in cases. The commitment on the front of the fight against the pandemic was reaffirmed by the new director of the hospital, Dr. Patrizia Bobini. After the creation of the internal Covid area with 16 available beds, the goal is to create specific bubbles for positives in several departments.

“Covid does not leave us – explained the successor of Daniela Matarrese at the helm of the Gruccia – and therefore also as regards the hospital, the remodeling of our organization has allowed us to create the Covid area, with the possibility of expanding the service. even to individual departments “. Inbound controls are still stringent. For external visitors it is in fact necessary to show the green pass to access the structure, passing through the check points in compliance with all the sanitary measures provided. Then there are those who refuse to comply with these measures. This is the case of the 25-year-old who recently wreaked havoc at the Valdarno hospital because he did not intend to show green certification. However, the pandemic still does not slow its grip.

The numbers in general are clearly down compared to the winter we leave behind, but it is hazardous to say that the coronavirus is now a thing of the past. In recent days, in the Arezzo Valdarno alone, there have been over 100 cases of positivity to the Sars Cov-2 virus. A spring backlash that is continuing to keep many Valdarno residents at home, also thanks to the climatic instability.


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