Covid raises its head. And the refugees arrive – Chronicle

“The new increase in Covid infections is also affecting our city and worries me a lot, also in light of the fact that we will have to host refugees from Ukraine, many of whom are not vaccinated”. So the mayor Massimo Bacci yesterday did not hide his concerns about the war in progress and the pandemic situation not yet resolved. “There are people – he added – fleeing an unacceptable war and I remember there are millions of people, they are arriving in dribs and drabs but will soon converge on the territories also with official channels and require commitment also from the health point of view”. Concerns emerged during the presentation yesterday in the Municipality of the new coordination of voluntary associations and Aps of Vallesina, coordination formed by 54 associations. “Coordination was born as a territorial expression of the CSV – explains the new coordinator Stefano Squadroni – which in the Marche context represents a fundamental technical, administrative and legislative point of reference for all our local associations”. The mayor Massimo Bacci, in thanking the associations for what they have done in these two years of pandemic, wanted to underline the importance of Volontarja, an initiative that provides for meetings in schools with students. In the new coordination “after two years of postponement due to Covid” Stefano Squadroni (Uisp) takes over from Carlo Bellocchi (Ctg) who remains on the board together with Maria Letizia Gianuario (Avis) and Maurizio Possedoni (Monsano Cult). New entries are Giada Alagic (Impact) who is taking the reins of Volontarja and Emanuel Santoni (Ente Palio di San Floriano). “Adhering to coordination – explains Squadroni – has no cost, it is not an association but an expression of the associative reality of Vallesina, recognized by the municipal administration. We do not provide services but we are committed so that” volunteering “becomes culture, training and an opportunity for discussion and dialogue. We would like to facilitate the inner flowering of that feeling that leads to feeling “belonging …

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