Covid reinfection, the risk of serious forms is minimal – Chronicle

The risk of reinfection with a severe or lethal form of Covid remains extremely low, even after just over a year. This is confirmed by the research coordinated by Lamberto Manzoli, professor at the Department of Medical and Surgical Sciences of the Alma Mater: the investigation followed the cases of over one hundred thousand patients, in order to investigate the secondary disease rate more than a year after the first healing. And the results appear comforting: not only less than 1% had a second infection, but above all less than one in ten thousand suffered from a severe form. The study also highlighted how the vaccine continues to show itself as one of the most effective tools to combat the pandemic: vaccinated people risk getting infected 70% less than those who have no dose. “The protection that comes from natural immunity lasts even more than twelve months. And in any case, the drop in antibodies does not mean a consequent drop in immunity – underlines Manzoli -. Before omicron, second infections were around 1%, but after the arrival of this variant they rose to 3%, as it proved to be extremely contagious even for those who have already recovered, even if the cases of serious illness still remain close to zero “. And he adds: “The covid now seems to behave like all other viruses”. The study was recently published in the journal Frontiers in Public Health with the title “Risk of Sars-CoV-2”, which was attended by numerous professors from all over Italy.


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