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The curves of the Covid epidemic in Italy continue to decline, with a decrease in the incidence rate and hospitalizations, while the number of reinfections rises and there is also a slight increase in deaths on a weekly basis, which can however be explained by the greater number of cases in the previous month. The situation instead marks a worsening in Asia and concerns also come from the US for the lack of funds to fight the virus. In Italy, in the last week, according to the extended report of the Higher Institute of Health, Covid cases and hospitalizations are decreasing, intensive care admissions are stable and deaths are slightly increasing. However, the increase in deaths can be linked to the cases recorded about a month ago, when the curve rose.

Furthermore, the weekly incidence of infections at the national level continues to decrease. But the most evident data is the growth of reinfections: 438,726 cases of reinfection from Covid are reported, equal to 3.6% of the total cases notified, and in the last week the percentage of reinfections is equal to 5.8%, in increase compared to 5% of the previous week. A chapter, that of reinfections, which still needs further observations in order to define the extent of any clinical consequences. However, “on the basis of the cases observed so far, it emerged that reinfections can lead to an accentuation of the symptoms of long Covid, even if in a framework that still remains of lesser severity than in long Covid situations caused by primary infections”, Massimo Andreoni, Director of Infectious Diseases of the Tor Vergata Polyclinic in Rome, explains to ANSA. “Of course, a longer observation period is needed, but some of the reinfected patients report – he says – to have an aggravation of the underlying symptoms of long Covid, as if reinfection re-ignites the mechanisms of long Covid, but in any case within a framework of not alarming severity “.

The report also confirms the effectiveness of vaccines: the mortality rate for non-vaccinated people is in fact about 4 times higher than for vaccinated with a full cycle of less than 120 days and about 7 times higher than for vaccinated with boosters. Even the daily data of the bulletin of the Ministry of Health indicate an ever-decreasing trend: there are 36,042 new infections in the last 24 hours (yesterday 38,507) and the victims are 91, with a decrease of 24 compared to yesterday. The positivity rate is 13.7%, down, and 340 people are hospitalized in intensive care, one less than yesterday, while there are 7,650 hospitalized in ordinary wards (-257). Faced with this scenario, Health Minister Roberto Speranza nevertheless reiterates his call for caution: “We are still in a battle and I do not consider it over. We have, however, new tools and a new ability to respond,” he said. The news of the last few hours from Asia, where the virus continues to run, proves him right. North Korea reported another 21 deaths and an additional 174,400 people “in a feverish state”, signaling a worsening scenario. A total of 524,440 people showed symptoms of fever between late April and May 13, and on Thursday the state announced the first outbreak in more than 2 years of the pandemic.

China has instead given up hosting the Asian Cup in 2023 due to the persistence of the pandemic, while the coordinator of the response against the coronavirus of the White House, Ashish Jha, has raised the alarm on the lack of funds in the fight against the Covid stating that in the US, without vaccines for autumn and winter, the risk is a jump in Covid cases up to 100 million. Meanwhile, still on the vaccination front, in Italy there are appeals to make the third and fourth dose for those who, despite having the indications, have not yet done so. In fact, many are still missing and even this failure to answer has led to cases like that of Emilia Romagna: it still has a supply of one and a half million doses of vaccine but 133 thousand of these will expire between June and August and the regional councilor alla Salute, Raffaele Donini, asks the Government how to use them.

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