Covid reinfections increase to 5.8%, over 400 thousand total – Healthcare

438,726 cases of Covid reinfection are reported, equal to 3.6% of the total reported cases. In the last week, the percentage of reinfections was 5.8%, an increase compared to the previous week (5%). It emerges from the extended report of the Higher Institute of Health (Iss) on the progress of the Covid-19 epidemic in Italy.

From 24 August 2021 to 11 May 2022, the extended ISS report notes, 438,726 cases of reinfection were reported. The ISS highlights an increased risk of reinfection especially in subjects with the first diagnosis of Covid-19 notified for over 210 days compared to those who had the first diagnosis between the previous 90 and 210 days; in subjects not vaccinated or vaccinated with at least one dose over 120 days compared to vaccinated with at least one dose within 120 days; in females compared to males; in the younger age groups (12 to 49 years); in healthcare workers compared to the rest of the population.


Also in the last week, the number of Covid cases reported in Italy and the number of hospitalizations are decreasing, intensive care admissions are stable and deaths are slightly increasing. Furthermore, the weekly incidence of infections at the national level continues to decrease. The deaths are related to cases recorded about a month ago, when the curve went up, and this explains the current slight increase


The mortality rate for the population over 12 years, in the period 18/03 / 2022-17 / 04/2022, for the unvaccinated (34 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants) is about 4 times higher than for vaccinated with a full cycle from less 120 days (8 deaths per 100,000) and approximately 7 times higher than vaccinated with additional / booster dose (5 deaths per 100,000). It emerges from the ISS weekly extended report on Covid-19. The rate of intensive hospitalization, on the other hand, for the unvaccinated is about 4 times higher than for vaccinated with a full cycle of less than 120 days and about 4 times higher than for vaccinated with boosters.


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