Covid, Ricciardi: “Either we face it rationally or it will hurt us very much for a long time”

“Either the” covid “pandemic is tackled globally with rationality and scientificity, or it will last a long time and will continue to do us very, very badly”. Walter Riccardi, professor of Hygiene and Preventive Medicine at the Catholic University, advisor to the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, thus warns via Twitter. “It is a millenary tradition of microbes, especially respiratory viruses, to take advantage of people’s tiredness to reproduce and thrive to the detriment of health and economy – he writes – Either the pandemic is tackled globally with rationality and scientificity, or it will last a long time and continue to do us very, very badly, especially to the most fragile by pathology or age and to health workers, increasingly tired and with ever smaller ranks, and to the economy that without health cannot prosper “.

As for the “mask in closed environments, it is still a safeguard which, with these increasingly contagious variants of Sars-Cov 2, remains indispensable. So much so that all the countries that have removed it have had to restore it. With the exception of England which, however, has paid a very high price. On April 20 the government will decide what the indications will be in May, based on the epidemic data. We will see. But it seems difficult to me that there can be a radical improvement in the epidemic curve “, he said again. at Adnkronos Ricciardi.

“It is an objective fact: we must protect ourselves from the diffusivity of the virus in closed and crowded environments. And the scientific evidence reminds us that the mask, in particular Ffp2, is necessary”, underlines Ricciardi. “We must necessarily wait until April: with viruses there can be surprises, as we know. Personally I think that the epidemiological situation will be the same at best”, she concludes.

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