Covid, Shanghai goes into lockdown: areas of the city closed in rotation for 10 days

During the lockdown all residential communities will remain closed. All residents are required to stay at home. People and vehicles will only be able to enter but not exit the compounds. Meal delivery and courier services will remain operational to ensure basic needs but delivery personnel will not be able to enter communities.

Remote work is back

During the lockdown, workers of government agencies and public institutions are called to work from home, with the exception of those who have to carry out anti-Covid-19 activities or ensure the basic functioning of the city.

The official communiqué calls together neighborhood and village committees to volunteer and take part in anti-Covid-19 work, including medical staff, police officers and anyone who can leave their communities with work certificates or certificates of their companies.

All businesses within lockdown areas must conduct operations behind closed doors or allow staff to work from home. Utilities, such as those involved in water, electricity, fuel, gas, communications, transportation, meat and vegetable supplies, will continue to operate. Public transportation, including buses, subways, ferries, taxis and cars that make online calls, will also be completely suspended during the lockdown. Only special vehicles, such as pandemic prevention vehicles or ambulances, will be allowed on local roads in closed areas.

The supply risk

The municipality’s anti-Covid office has specified that sufficient supplies of food and basic necessities must be guaranteed along with stable prices during the lockdown. Toll-free numbers will be open for those with medical needs, in particular women who are pregnant or in need of hemodialysis, radiotherapy or chemotherapy.

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