Covid, the ISS report: “In the last week the percentage of reinfections has increased”. Here are the categories most at risk

The reinfections from Covid are on the rise. The cases reported so far are 438.726, equal to 3.6% of the total of those notified, but in the last week the percentage was 5.8%, an increase compared to the previous one (5%). The figure emerges from the extended report of theHigher Institute of Health (Iss) on the progress of the epidemic in Italy. Friday Anna Teresa Palamara, who heads the ISS Infectious Diseases Department, explained that “this has been a constant since the Omicron variant has been around, but fortunately these reinfections they are not associated with severe cases or that require too many hospitalizations “.

The institute shows an increased risk of reinfection especially in subjects with first Covid-19 diagnosis notified in over 210 days compared to those who had the first diagnosis between the previous 90 and 210 days; in the subjects not vaccinated or vaccinated with at least one dose for over 120 days compared to vaccinated with at least one dose within 120 days; in females compared to males; in the younger age groups (12 to 49 years); in health workers compared to the rest of the population.

The report also highlights that the rate of mortality relative to the population over 12 years, in the period 18 March – 17 April, for the unvaccinated it is approximately 4 times higher compared to vaccinated with a complete cycle for less than 120 days (34 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants against 8) and about 7 times higher than vaccinated with additional dose / booster (5 deaths per 100,000). The rate of intensive hospitalization, on the other hand, for the unvaccinated is about 4 times higher than for vaccinated with a full cycle of less than 120 days and about 4 times higher than for vaccinated with boosters.


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