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The latest news of Wednesday 11 May. China defends its zero tolerance policy to stem Covid, criticized by the World Health Organization

According to the bulletin on the progress of the vaccination campaign prepared by the Prime Minister and the Ministry of Health, 137,156,176 doses of vaccine against Covid-19 have been administered so far in Italy, 90.04% of the Italian population has completed the vaccination cycle .
• Undersecretary of Health Andrea Costa announces an unrestricted summer, after 15 June.

• There are 56,015 new cases and 158 deaths, the rate at 15.1% (here the bulletin of May 10)

15:51 – Doctors’ orders: we find it difficult to administer the fourth dose

The second booster for the over eighty and fragile subjects. This was noted by the president of the National Federation of Medical Orders (Fnomceo), Filippo Anelli, who explains: Doctors record difficulties in administration of the fourth dose and this is linked to a significant improvement in epidemiological data which suggest a clear and significant reduction, within a few weeks, in the numbers of the pandemic. Now is the time to go back to normal, even in the way vaccines are administered – underlines Anelli – so that the doctor can dispel, with full knowledge of the facts, the doubts of his patient.

14:48 – France, goodbye masks on public transport from 16 May

From Monday 16 May in France, the mask on public transport will no longer be mandatory. The Minister of Health announced it, Olivier Verandeclaring at the exit from the Council of Ministers that the epidemic situation is improving, the pandemic is not over, but the number of daily infections it is decreasing and therefore we believe that it is no longer appropriate to maintain the obligation to wear a mask on public transport. Thus another restriction to combat coronavirus contagion falls, after the end of the vaccination pass in force since last March 14. The average of cases of COVID-19 in France in the last week it was 37,637 positives per day. On 10 May, 1,167 new hospitalized patients and 1,364 patients are currently in intensive care. Since the start of the pandemic, 146,979 people in France have died of coronavirus.

13:35 – Nursing orders: over 95% vaccinated members, suspended in sharp decline

high adherence to anti-Covid vaccination among Italian nurses, with a percentage that is over 95%, while over time the number of professionals suspended for not having vaccinated is increasingly reduced. In fact, doing so remains an obligation for all health professionals. This was indicated by the data from the National Federation of Nursing Professions Orders (Fnopi), on the eve of the International Day dedicated to these professionals. If the suspended nurses were about 6 thousand – out of about 460 thousand – at the end of 2021, now they are about 2 thousand. In a first phase, the suspended were 0.9%, but now they drop visibly and we are at no more than 0.4-0.5%, indicates Fnopi at theAdnkronos Health.

13:35 – Positive Bill Gates: Luckily I made the three doses

Bill Gates announced he was positive at Covid. I am experiencing mild symptoms – explained the founder of Microsoft on Twitter – and I am following the advice of the experts on the isolation until the recovery. I am fortunate to be vaccinated with the booster dose as well, and to have access to high-level medical analysis and treatment, he added.

13:04 – Fiaso: hospitalizations already of 7.5% in 7 days, -9% wards

The reduction of Covid patients in hospitals continues: in one week the number of hospitalized patients fell overall by 7.5%. It emerges from the survey of the sentinel hospitals of the Italian Federation of Healthcare and Hospitals (Fiaso). In the week 3-10 May there was in fact a greater decrease in hospitalizations than in the previous week, when it stood at 5.7%. In particular, Covid hospitalized in ordinary wards fell sharply, -9%. The situation in intensive care was opposite, where patients increased by 11 units.

The small jump in resuscitation figures can, however, Fiaso explains, be explained by the bucking peak recorded 15 days agoimmediately after Easter: that increase in patients recorded at the time in the ordinary wards has physiologically led, with the worsening of some cases, two weeks later, to the increase today in intensive care.

13:02 – In Shanghai 228 confirmed local cases

The Chinese metropolis of Shanghai yesterday reported 228 confirmed cases of Covid-19 with local transmission and 1,259 asymptomatic local. To make it known the municipal health commission. Epidemic prevention and control activity in Shanghai has entered a critical period e the risk of a resurgence still exists, as the health commission said, stressing that the city should unreservedly adhere to the dynamic Zero-Covid approach. Meanwhile, new daily infections in Shanghai have dropped significantly in the past few days.

12:41 pm – China renounces the skating Grand Prix

The organizers of the Cup of China in figure skating – the maximum race of the world circuit in China – were forced to give up the event scheduled from 11 to 13 November next. The decision was made following the tightening of the containment rules of Covid-19. The international federation (Isu) will have to look for two new venues that will replace both the Cup of China and the Rostelecom Cup in Russia, the latter canceled following the sanctions for the military invasion of Ukraine.

11:55 am – Luisa Regimenti (European Parliament): Scientific Committee for health emergencies is born

The European scientific technical committee to rethink a code of medical ethics and better address health emergencies such as Covid, protecting both doctors and patients with guidelines, principles and rules not foreseen or regulated up to now. This was announced by the Forza Italia MEP, Luisa Regimentimember of the Special Commission for the pandemic during its convention Code of medical ethics, organized a Brusselsin the presence of the vice president of Ppe (European People’s Party), Antonio Tajani, the head of the Health Department of Forza Italia, Andrea Mandelli, and about one hundred specialists. The goal of the CTSE – explains Regimenti – is to rely on the best medical minds in the country to help shape the future European health. It is also up to us to explain to the institutions which systems and mechanisms did not work during the pandemic, outlining proposals to make European systems finally able to deal with crises such as Covid. For this reason – he continues – it is necessary to rethink a European code of medical ethics capable of protecting the doctor and the patient at the same time.

11:31 am – China against the WHO: makes irresponsible statements

There China defends its zero tolerance policy
at Covid, urging WHO director general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus to refrain from making irresponsible statements, after the latter had defined the anti-pandemic containment of Beijing. China’s action against the Covidcommented the spokesman for the Foreign Ministry Zhao Lijian, evolves according to the situation and keeps pace with changes. It clearly differs from other countries that advocate herd immunity and relaxed policies. Last week the leadership of the Communist Party of China he had reaffirmed the full validity of his policies.

10:57 am – From May 16th stop on the obligation of the mask on the plane

No more obligation to wear a mask on the plane from Monday 16 May, according to an update of the safety measures for travel, published by theEuropean Union Aviation Safety Agency (Easa) and from European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (Ecdc). The protection device will no longer be mandatory even in airports, Easa and Ecdc underline, however specifying that the mask remains one of the best defenses against the transmission of Covid-19, and that using it is strongly recommended for those who cough or sneeze, as well as for all fragile people: vulnerable passengers, continues the Agency, should still continue to wear a mask regardless of the rules, ideally one of the type Ffp2 / N95 / Kn95.

10:10 am – China, censorship blocks the comments of the WHO number one

China censors the online debate on the Zero-Covid strategy after theWorld Health Organization criticized the very strict approach taken by the Communist leadership to counter the coronavirus: the country struggling with the worst wave of infections, fueled by the Omicron variant. The WHO Director General, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, had urged Beijing to change course, noting that the approach will not be sustainable in the face of new variants characterized by rapid diffusion. A move that has fueled the online debate and pushed censorship to block searches with hashtags #Tedros And #who on the social media platform Weibo, the Mandarin Twitter. While the users of the messaging app WeChat they were unable to share articles on the subject from official UN accounts. TO Shanghaithe financial heart of China with 26 million residents, a partially relaxed lockdown is in effect, despite the 1,500 cases recorded on Tuesday 10 May.

09:15 – New Zealand reopens its borders by the end of July to all tourists

New Zealand announced that will reopen its borders to tourists from any state by the end of July. Starting July 31st, at 11.59pm, the borders of New Zealand will be completely open to the world, two months ahead of schedule, ending the measures that entered into force in March 2020 to fight the pandemic. New Zealand now fully open to business, the prime minister said Jacinda Ardern. The premier explained that the date for the full opening of the borders has been brought forward by more than two months as part of a series of announcements aimed at reviving the economy, including the tourism sector. This will be good news for families, businesses and migrants.

09:03 – Vaccine: 90.04% of Italians have completed the vaccination cycle

The 90.04% of the Italian population has completed the vaccination cycle against Covid. what emerges from the weekly bulletin on the progress of the vaccination campaign prepared by the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Health and the commissioner for the health emergency. I’m 137,156,176 the drug doses administered so far in Italy, 96.7% of those delivered, equal to 141,897,290, of which 95,340,741 from Pfizer / BioNtech, 25,443,466 from Moderna, 11,514,521 from Vaxzevria-AstraZeneca, 6,726,093 from Pfizer pediatric, 1,849,469 to Janssen and 1,023,000 to Novavax.

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