Covid, the latest news today from Italy and the world. Slight drop in Rt to 0.93 from 0.96-

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The latest news on Friday 29 April. The weekly monitoring Iss-Ministry of Health: the incidence rises to 699 from 675. The employment rate in intensive care decreases

– The Minister of Health Roberto Speranza yesterday signed the ordinance which provides for the extension until June 15 in some areas of the use of indoor masks such as long-distance and local transport, hospitals and health centers, RSA, cinemas, theaters, sports halls, music venues .
– In other workplaces without distinction between public and private, the mask will only be strongly recommended, clarified the undersecretary Andrea Costa.

– They went up to 46 Chinese cities in total or partial lockdown to fight the wave of Covid and Omicron.

13:56 – Oktoberfest is back after two years of hiatus

Back to Munich Oktoberfest after two years of hiatus due to the pandemic: the famous German festival will be held in Munich from 17 September to 3 October. Announcing the resumption of the festival, Munich Mayor Dieter Reiter admitted that he had difficulty making the decision due to the war in Ukraine. As reported by the Deutsche Wellethe mayor then explained that no restrictions will be imposed on visitors for Covid, also hoping that nothing will happen that could lead to a new cancellation.

13:53 – CEI: from May 1st, mask to registered mass

The trend of infections has been constant for a few weeks and this data leads to confirmation of the indications of the Presidency contained in the communication of last March 25, noting however that the use of masks remains, strictly speaking, “recommended” in all activities that include the participation of people in indoor spaces such as celebrations and catechesis. To communicate it the CEI after the new ordinance of the Ministry of Health on the use of masks from 1 May to 15 June 2022.

11:40 am – The point on Sicily

(Except Phallic) There Sicily continues to be a case on the Covid-19 front, despite the decrease in the positivity rate (which dropped to 13.9% after touching 20%), the number of new infected in the last 24 hours remains considerable: 4,106. The figure that continues to cause concern for that of the new victims caused by the coronavirus, 20. The total number of deaths since the beginning of the pandemic phase has risen to 10,549. The current positives are 124,661. The healed are 4,539. In Sicilian hospitals there are 897 hospitalized for Covid; in intensive care there are 47. The territory of Palermo and its province is the one most affected by the new infections. Sicily continues to have, compared to other regions of Italy, a lower percentage of vaccinated people (especially in some areas of the eastern part of the island).

10:57 am – Whites: Masks in the classroom? We are very cautious

The government is very cautious and very cautious. In recent years we have made some basic choices and since September last year we have chosen to send all the children to school and we have done well. But we are cautious and we are absolutely cautious. So the Minister of the School, Patrizio Bianchianswering a question about face masks at school, on the sidelines of the O_Stili Festival underway in Trieste. For – he added – on the masks the Minister of Health who dictates the rules and then eventually we discuss, but we must be careful. We are very cautious, we are accompanying the country out of an emergency but we are very careful about everything, concluded Bianchi.

10:09 am – Hope: essential vaccines and masks in the fight against Covid

The Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, he explained that with the decisions taken yesterday we continue our path of graduality. The numbers tell us that the pandemic is still ongoing and a prudent approach is needed. We must insist with the vaccination campaign and with the use of the mask on all occasions when there is a risk of contagion.

09:30 – Iss: 12 Regions above the department occupation threshold

This week 12 Regions – compared to 13 last week – exceed the alert threshold of 15% for the occupation of beds by Covid patients in medical departments. The highest rate in Umbriawith 31.4%.

On the other hand, no Region exceeds the 10% alert threshold for the employment of intensive care units.

Alone Abruzzo instead exceeds the incidence value of a thousand cases per 100 thousand inhabitants, with the value of 1,170. The highest incidences are also in Molise (949.6) and Basilicata (931.9). According to what has been learned, the table on decision-making indicators attached to the weekly monitoring highlights this.

09:22 am – Slight drop in Rt to 0.93 from 0.96

It drops slightly the value of the transmissibility index Rt, going from 0.96 last week to 0.93, while the incidence of Covid cases per 100 thousand inhabitants rises slightly to 699 from 675. In the period 6-19 April 2022, the average Rt calculated on symptomatic cases was therefore equal at 0.93 (range 0.90-1.04), substantially stable compared to the previous week. The transmissibility index based on cases with hospitalization below the epidemic threshold and substantially stable compared to the previous week (Rt = 0.93). These are the data that emerge from the weekly ISS-Ministry of Health monitoring.

The ICU employment rate it drops to 3.8% (Ministry of Health daily survey as of April 28) compared to 4.2% last week (Ministry of Health daily survey as of April 21).

It also goes down the employment rate in medical areas at national level: it is fixed at 15.6% (daily survey by the Ministry of Health as of April 28) compared to 15.8% (daily survey by the Ministry of Health as of April 21) seven days ago.

08:37 am – In South Korea from Monday no masks are required

There South Korea has decided to remove the obligation to wear masks outdoors from Monday 2 May, despite the fact that Covid continues to circulate with 50 thousand cases daily, especially of the Omicron variant: the announcement, made by Prime Minister Kim Boo-kyum, includes some exceptions such as in cases of gatherings with 50 or more people and the use of multipurpose facilities. The decision came after Seoul lifted most restrictions on anti-contagion social distancing last week, including limits on gatherings and a curfew of working hours, as part of efforts to return to normal in the midst of a trend. on the downside of infections. Although there were fears, we decided not to overlook people’s discomfort and frustration as they couldn’t take off their masks even when they were taking a walk alone or on a family trip, Kim said in a pandemic briefing.

07:52 am – Japan, 41 thousand new cases and 39 deaths

The Japanese Ministry of Health in its most recent bulletin updated to yesterday, it confirmed 41,756 new cases and 39 deaths caused by the virus, numbers essentially unchanged compared to the previous day. The number of seriously ill hospitalized patients dropped to 174. In Tokyo, the metropolitan government of the capital reported 5,394 new infections. Nationally, the prefectures of Hokkaido (3,159 cases), Osaka (3,046), Fukuoka (2,376), Saitama (2,354), Aichi (2,313), Kanagawa (2,213), Chiba (1,778) follow the capital in the number of new infections. , Okinawa (1,683) and Hyogo (1,570).

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