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The latest news of Tuesday 10 May

• There are 17,155 new cases of Covid in Italy (here the latest bulletin). The number of people who contracted the Sars-CoV-2 virus (including recovered and died) since the beginning of the epidemic thus rises to at least 16,816,419. There were 84 deaths recorded yesterday, for a total of 164,573 victims since February 2020.
• Undersecretary of Health Andre Costa predicts an unrestricted summer after June 15
• Stock exchanges in red: what is worrying is the news coming from China where the lockdowns for Covid are starting to be felt on the economy, making the rest of the world tremble.

6:07 pm – Bulletin May 10: 56,015 new cases and 158 deaths, the rate at 15.1%

There are 56,015 new cases of Covid in Italy (yesterday there were 17,155, here the bulletin). The deaths today are 158 (yesterday 84), for a total of 164,731 victims since February 2020. The total swabs (molecular and antigenic) processed are 371,221. The rate of positivity at 15.1%. The beds occupied in the ordinary Covid wards are -156, for a total of 8,579 hospitalized. The number of beds occupied in intensive care is -5 – this is the balance between people who entered and left in one day – for a total of 358 seriously ill patients, with 35 admissions to resuscitation.

15:57 – Found the molecular lock that blocks the infection

The molecular lock has been identified which, once closed, prevents the SarsCoV2 virus from entering cells and thus infecting them. The discovery could lead to a drug to be administered in case of infection, potentially effective against all variants of the virus because it attacks the mechanism that the Spike protein uses to bind to target cells. The result comes from a research group at the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium, which published its study in the journal Nature Communications. All cells have sugar molecules on their outer surface; real locks to which the SarsCoV2 virus holds the keys and which it uses to enter and trigger the infection. The first result obtained by the authors of the study was to identify variants of these sugars, called 9-O-acetylates, which bind much more strongly than the others to the virus protein. The researchers therefore thought of exploiting this characteristic to trap it, using these particular sugars as if they were a lock: these molecules, in fact, bind so tightly to the Spike protein that they do not allow them to bind to anything else. This means that the virus is unable to enter cells to infect them and dies within one to five hours.

15:55 – Blinken does not participate in the Biden-Draghi meeting, still positive

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken will not attend the meeting in the Oval Office between US President Joe Biden and Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi. In his place, according to the State Department program, will be Deputy Wendy Sherman. It is likely that Blinken is still positive at Covid, which is why he has also canceled a mission to Morocco, although there have been no official updates on his health condition from the department. The secretary of state announced that he contracted the coronavirus on May 4.

3:40 pm – Agenas, wards occupation goes back to 14%, intensive stops at 4%

The percentage of beds in non-critical area wards occupied by patients with Covid-19 in Italy goes back by one point in 24 hours, returning to 14% and there are 4 regions that exceed the 20% threshold: Umbria (31 %), Basilicata (26%), Calabria (23%), Abruzzo (23%). Instead, in the last 24 hours in Italy, the employment of intensive care units (a year ago it was 24%) by patients with Covid-19 stops at 4%. These are the data of the National Agency for Regional Health Services (Agenas) of 9 May 2022, published today. As regards, the occupation of places in intensive care, on a daily basis, grows in 5 regions: Friuli Venezia Giulia (5%), Liguria (7%), Pa Bolzano (4%), Piedmont (4%), Veneto ( 3%) while it decreases in Campania (6%), Sicily (4%). The stable percentage in 14 regions and autonomous provinces: Abruzzo (5%), Calabria (5%), Basilicata (3%), Emilia Romagna (4%), Lazio (6%), Lombardy (2%), Marche ( 2%), Molise (5%), Pa Trento (2%), Puglia (5%), Sardinia (4%), Tuscany (4%), Umbria (5%). The variation is not available in Valle d’Aosta (3%) and no region exceeds the 10% threshold.

11:06 – Hope: The pandemic ended only in the media

The Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, stressed that on a purely media level, the war has completely replaced the pandemic, almost overnight: I say this with the utmost respect, but television news, newspapers, talk-shows that were almost completely put on an area that had to do with the pandemic they found themselves today on another subject understandably huge as that of war. But the pandemic is not over. The numbers still point to a significant circulation of the virus. Hence the appeal to the most fragile people to administer the second booster. There are, remembers Speranza, still people who lose their lives, especially among the over 80. With the second booster this risk can be reduced.

10:35 am – Cardinal Sodano hospitalized for Covid

Cardinal Angelo Sodano is positive at Covid. According to reports from the Adnkronos, the cardinal, born in 1927, former Secretary of State of John Paul II, Benedict XVI and Pope Francis, was hospitalized at Columbus for positive Covid and pneumonia.

09:31 – Covid increases the risks for the heart

People who have tested positive for COVID-19 develop symptoms associated with cardiovascular disease (CVD) 1 more frequently and, as a result of the pandemic situation, an increase in the burden of these diseases is expected in the medium and long term, accompanied by the urgency to respond. to a crescendo of unmet needs in the management of these patients. This is confirmed by a new independent analysis conducted by the Economist and sponsored by Daiichi Sankyo Europe.

09:27 – Vaccines, 90% of the population has completed the cycle

137,116,058 vaccine doses against Covid-19 have been administered so far in Italy, 96.6% of those delivered. The people who have completed the vaccination cycle are 48,612,523 equal to 90.03% of the population over 12. what emerges from the bulletin on the progress of the vaccination campaign by the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Health and the commissioner for the health emergency, updated at 06:18 today. The total number of healed for a maximum of six months was 1,915,476, 3.55% of the population over 12 recovered for a maximum of 6 months without any administration. 39,416,388 additional / booster doses were then administered, 82.63% of the population potentially subject to such administrations. To have received at least one dose of the vaccine are 49,382,535 people, equal to 91.46% of the population over 12. The total with at least one dose added to those recovered for at most six months without any administration of 51,298,011, 01% of the population over 12.

09:00 – In Shanghai 234 symptomatic cases and 6 deaths

In Shanghai, 234 symptomatic and 2,780 asymptomatic cases of Covid have been recorded in the last 24 hours, with six deaths. The data marks a decrease from the previous day in which asymptomatic cases were 3,625 a day earlier. The Chinese metropolis is facing the most serious spread of vurus b in the country with most of the 25 million inhabitants in lockdown. In the capital Beijing, 61 new symptomatic and 13 asymptomatic cases of Covid were recorded in 24 hours, almost double compared to 33 the previous day.

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