Covid, the latest news today from Italy and the world | The Rt index drops to 0.96

from Silvia Morosi and Chiara Barison

The latest news on Friday 22 April on the progress of the coronavirus pandemic in Italy and in the world. The incidence drops to 675 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants

• The World Health Organization strongly recommends Pfizer’s antiviral – Paxlovid – for patients at higher risk of hospitalization for less severe forms of Covid.
• The administration of the fourth doses of the anti Covid vaccine is slow.
• In the CDM a draft that provides for 38 million to sanitize the seats and to ensure compliance with Covid precautions in voting operations.
• The latest bulletin, relating to Friday 22 April, recorded 73,212 new cases and 202 deaths in our country.
• The Higher Institute of Health calculated the Rt down to 0.96. The incidence of cases drops to 675 per 100 thousand inhabitants. The occupancy rate of beds in ordinary hospitalization increases, intensive care remains stable.
• Moderna presents its bivalent vaccine to be used as a booster against Covid.

17:16 – Bulletin data: 73,212 new cases and 202 deaths

There are 73,212 new cases of Covid in Italy (yesterday there were 75,020) and 202 deaths in the last 24 hours (yesterday 166), for a total of 162,466 victims since February 2020. The positive rate is stable at 16.7%, calculated out of 437,193 swabs. And hospital stays in each area are decreasing: -155 the balance of hospitalizations and -4 the balance of intensive care. (Here the full bulletin)

16:09 – D’Amato: in Lazio Sms to all over 80 to remember the fourth dose

In Lazio soon SMS to all over 80 to remind the importance of the fourth dose, said the councilor for health of the Lazio Region, Alessio D’Amato, in the daily Covid bulletin. Adding: Request for active call from general practitioners.

3.17 pm – Hope: the war has replaced the virus in the media, not in reality

Health Minister Roberto Speranza, in his speech at the conference of the Onlus Atena Foundation Women’s health: policies for the future, urged the Italians not to let their guard down: The war has replaced the virus in the media, not in reality – underlined Speranza -. We need to keep our attention high, try indispensable elements of prudence and work on vaccines that have allowed us, in the 6 most difficult months from autumn to the end of winter, not to close Italy thanks to the high percentage of adhesions to vaccinations of the Italians. Countries with low immunization rates, below Italy, have been forced to close. If we have resisted thanks to vaccines, we have recommendations to continue the vaccination campaign for the over 80, the fragile over 60 and for those in RSA. And then, step by step, we will evaluate later.

14:24 – Malta announces the lifting of almost all restrictions

The Maltese authorities are preparing to remove some restrictive measures. From Monday 2 May, the use of masks will be mandatory only in hospitals, health clinics, retirement homes and on airplanes. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Health Chris Fearne urged people to act responsibly and still wear face masks in crowded indoor areas, including public transportation. No restrictions for weddings and parties.

Furthermore, the quarantine measures they will be removed for everyone except for those who test positive. After seven days, the person tested positive will have to undergo a quick test and once this is negative, isolation will be ended. If the person is still positive, the quarantine period will apply for another three days.

13:27 – Positive Mastella and his wife

With a post on Facebook, the mayor of Benevento Clemente Mastella announces that he has contracted the virus together with his wife, the senator of the Misto group Sandra Lonardo: Covid has taken me and Sandra. We continue our work from home. I’m sorry not to be able to participate in some events. I apologize. Lonardo had shown mild flu symptoms and the swab confirmed the suspicions of contagion for her and for her former keeper. Mastella and his wife will observe the period of quarantine provided, up to negative buffer, in the home of Benevento.

12:23 pm – India: third free dose to encourage immunization

The Indian government has decided to make the third booster dose of the Covid vaccine free. At the beginning of April, the administration of the drug was announced with an outlay of 350 rupees to be paid by the citizen (the equivalent of 3 euros). Furthermore, the communication of the restoration of the obligation to wear a mask in all public places dates back to yesterday, under penalty of a fine. India, in fact, in the last week has recorded an alarming growth in new positives (+965). At the moment, the most common is the Xe variant.

12:10 pm – In South Tyrol 420 new positives and one death

The Covid bulletin of the South Tyrolean Health Authority reports one death and 420 new cases. The victim was a man over 80. The total number of victims of the pandemic thus rises to 1,459.

11:45 am – In Sicily new peak of deaths in the last 24 hours: the figure rises to 32

(Except Phallic) In the largest region of Italy the number of Covid-19 victims continues to increase. In the last 24 hours the figure has jumped to 32, as in the most complicated phases of the pandemic. The overall figure of deaths since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic at 10,438. There are 5,079 new cases of Covid in Sicily. The current positives are 123,627 with a decrease of 3,922 cases. The healed are 9,953. In Sicilian hospitals there are 931 hospitalized for Covid, 12 fewer than yesterday, in intensive care there are 48. In terms of territorial diffusion of the new infected, the provincial area of ​​Messina jumps in the lead, followed by Palermo and Catania.

11:37 am – Record: patient positive for 505 days

At the congress of the European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases in Lisbon, experts from King’s College London presented the case of an immunosuppressed patient who remained positive for Covid for 505 days. From the study of the case, the researchers deduced that the new variants of the virus were formed in precisely this type of patients who have great difficulty in healing.

10:57 am – 2,119 new cases in China, 1,931 in Shanghai alone. Lockdown extended until April 26th

During the day yesterday in mainland China, 2,119 new cases of Covid were recorded, of which 1,931 in Shanghai. This was reported by the National Health Commission in its bulletin. The city of Shanghai also reported the presence of 15,698 asymptomatic positives. In the metropolis there have been 11 new deaths, never so many: the total number of victims since the beginning of the pandemic has thus risen to 4,674. The Chinese authorities also announced that the hard lockdown extended until April 26.

10:51 am – In Tuscany 4,464 new cases, positivity rate of 17.64%

The president of the Tuscany Region Eugenio Giani announced that the new cases of Covid registered in the Region are 4,464 out of 25,307 tests, of which 4,243 molecular swabs and 21,064 rapid tests. The rate of new positives 17.64%.

10:41 – In Veneto 6,900 new cases and 11 victims

There are 6,900 new cases of Covid registered in Veneto, down compared to yesterday (there were 7423). On the other hand, there are 11 new victims, given that it raises the regional death toll since the beginning of the pandemic to 14,380. As for vaccines, 2,364 doses were administered yesterday, of which 93.3% are boosters. Vaccination coverage stands at 88.7%.

10:19 am – Pregliasco: It is plausible to think about a descent of the curve at the end of May

Mathematical models to this day keep telling us that this rising wave should go down. Consequently, the contagion curve could decline towards the end of May. The virologist Fabrizio Pregliasco said it to Agor on Rai3. And speaking of the masks he then added: We should continue to wear them at least until May 31, the virus will remain with us even in the summer, but certainly with less presence.

10:05 am – Abruzzo is the only region with an incidence above the threshold

According to data released by the ISS, this week only Abruzzo records an incidence of more than 1,000 cases per 10,000 inhabitants, 1,040.5 to be precise. Umbria, on the other hand, exceeds the alert threshold for employment in medical departments with 37.5%. On the other hand, no Region exceeds the 10% alert in intensive care.

09:00 – Iss: the Rt index decreasing to 0.96, the incidence also decreases

According to estimates by the Istituto Superiore di Sanit, the Rt index fell to 0.96% (last week it was at 1). The incidence of cases per 100 thousand inhabitants also decreases, passing from 717 to 675 cases. Employment in intensive care is stable at 4.2%. On the other hand, the occupancy rate in ordinary hospitalization increased from 15.6% to 15.8%.

08:38 am – Vaccines: 136,514,986 doses administered, 89.99% completed the vaccination cycle

The doses of vaccine against Covid administered since the beginning of the vaccination campaign in Italy amount to 136,514,986. The doses are divided among the various types of approved drugs: 95,340,672 from Pfizer / BioNtech, 25,446,672 from Moderna, 11,514,521 from Vaxzevria-AstraZeneca, 6,726,091 from Pfizer pediatric, 1,849,465 from Janssen and 1,023,000 by Novavax. Currently, 89.9% of people over 12 have completed the vaccination course. However, 3.41% of people recovered for less than 6 months who have not received any vaccine dose are 3.41%. The booster dose was instead administered to 84.01% of the affected audience. Finally, 91.45% received at least one dose of the vaccine.

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