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Start going behind the blackboard. Covid reluctantly slows down and above all it slows down little: the surge on Tuesday follows a downsizing, but we remain in the orbit of 398 cases. The systematic confirmation that the mathematicians of the CNR are not mistaken, that the reduction continues only at a small step. But not at school. The most delicate front remains, the one in which the greatest number of cases are concentrated day by day. But the decline here is stark, at least on a weekly basis. It is the report that the Region has been updating for months and months, the one that photographs the new positives evolving from one Sunday to the next. The weekly infections this time are 482, against 662 in the previous seven days. A jump of 28%, of those that would make even the mathematicians of the national research center jump. And above all it is a homogeneous decline: which manifests itself from the nests up to the high schools, albeit in different proportions. Not only that: that it even spreads on the professors, this time about ten those with a brand new infection. A leap backwards. One last element: it is also an established trend. Since 11 January, the infected in class have taken the path of retreat. First slowly, then more decisively, albeit with some highs and lows. But without one exception: a drop from the peak (at the moment of maximum strength we had reached 2037 infections over the course of the week) at least continues. It is she, the photo of the pandemic seen from the side of the children: and also of the younger children. And that this time he travels in good company. Because among the data not weekly but of the day there is another number that intrigues: that of Covid hospital admissions. Yesterday we hit the lowest level since we entered the “blender” of this wave. Eighteen in all: fifteen in the Covid bubble, the mix of infectious diseases and pulmonology, and three …

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