Covid today: the infections of May 14 are 36,042. Bulletin Italy and data from the regions

Rome, May 14, 2022 – There is a decline in i Covid infections in Italy, as well as deaths. The bulletin as of today, the Ministry of Health reports 36,042 new cases and 91 deaths. (here all data as of May 13). A decidedly positive trend, even if the latest report by the Higher Institute of Health (ISS) on the trend of the epidemic shows a percentage of reinfections increasing in the last week (from 5% to 5.8%). In the last 24 hours, hospitals and the positivity rate (the ratio between swabs and new positives) also decreased.

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For the minister Roberto Speranza “We are still in a battle. However, we have new tools and a new ability to respond to this difficult phase that we have had to face together”. Meanwhile, in our country we must continue to wear a mask on flightsbecause the anti-Covid ordinance in force provides that the obligation of protection on means of transport remains until June 15.

Looking beyond our borders worries the situation in North Koreawhere they were reported 174 thousand infections and 21 deaths for Coronavirus. Leader Kim Jong-un chaired a Politburo meeting, calling the virus “a great turmoil since the country’s founding.”

I’m 36,042 new infections from Covid recorded in Italy in the last 24 hours against the 38,507 of yesterday and above all the 40,522 infections of last Saturday, confirming a slow but steady decline weekly trend. The processed swabs are 263,746 (yesterday 265,647) with the positivity rate dropping from 14.5% to 13.7%. There are 91 deaths (yesterday 115), bringing the total number of victims to 165,182 since the beginning of the pandemic. There are one fewer patients in intensive care (yesterday +7), with 40 daily admissions, and there are 340 in all, while in the ordinary wards they are 257 fewer (yesterday -251), 7,650 in all.

I’m 4,982 new positives at Covid registered in Lombardy compared to 39,106 swabs carried out. The positivity rate is down to 12.7% (yesterday it was 14%). The number of hospitalized patients increases in intensive care (+3, 39) and falls in the wards (-23, 930). I’m 21 deaths which bring the total since the beginning of the pandemic to 40,263. In the province of Milan 1,559 cases have been reported.

I’m 4,430 new positives at Covid in Campania, out of 26,082 tests examined. The incidence rate is 16.98%, substantially stable compared to 17.27 yesterday. Two new victims, one of which in the last 48 hours and the other dating back to the past few days. The situation on the hospital side is improving: the number of beds occupied in intensive care is 36 (-1), while those in hospital recorded a sharp decline (-42) and dropped to 573.

In Veneto have been registered 3,464 (-150) new cases of Covid-19 in the last 24 hours, which brings the total to 1,723,410 infected. They are then reported 7 victims, which brings the total of deaths to 14,584. The current number of positive patients falls further, which are 51,242, 1,026 fewer than yesterday. In hospitals, hospitalizations in the medical area decrease, which are 746 (-14), and those in intensive care, which are 46, slightly increase (+1).

In the Lazio register 3,394 new positives (-37) out of a total of 24,378 swabs (5,362 molecular and 19,016 antigenic swabs). I am instead 5 deaths (-2), 809 hospitalized (-11), 48 intensive care (-3) and +3,898 recovered. The ratio of positives to swabs is 13.9%. The cases in Rome city are at 1,800. Currently positive people are 145,059, of which 144,202 in home isolation. Since the beginning of the epidemic, 1,379,038 people have been cured, 11,229 dead, out of a total of 1,535,326 cases examined.

In Emilia Romagna have been identified 3,179 new cases out of a total of 16,324 swabs performed in the last 24 hours. The patients admitted to intensive care are 29 (-2 compared to yesterday), those in the other departments are 1,152 (-20). There are 9 deaths, while a total of 3,709 people recovered.

I’m 2,370 new cases of Coronavirus in Sicily (yesterday 2,703) compared to 15,887 swabs carried out. In the last 24 hours they have been recorded 14 deaths (yesterday 12) which bring the total number of victims on the island to 10,763. The number of positives currently on the island is 95,434 (-1449), while people hospitalized with symptoms are 650, including 36 in intensive care. There are 94,748 patients in home isolation. The healed / discharged from the beginning of the emergency to date are 1,048,167 (+4102).

In Puglia others register 2,296 cases on 16,732 tests (incidence of 13.7%) e seven deaths. The new cases are distributed as follows: in the province of Bari 799, in the province Bat 147, in the province of Brindisi 223, in that of Foggia 260, in Leccese 494, in Tarantino 345. Other 20 people who tested positive in Puglia are resident outside the region. last 24 hours. The currently positive drop below 90,000: 89,769 and of these 470 are hospitalized in a non-critical area (yesterday 483) and 25 in intensive care (yesterday 23).

In Tuscany I am 2,091 new infections, which bring the total to 1,128,613 since the beginning of the health emergency. The currently positive are 40,586 today. There are 432 hospitalized (58 fewer than yesterday), of which 18 in intensive care (1 more). finally they register 4 dead.

I’m 2,051 new positives at Covid in Piedmont, of these 1,918 detected by antigen tests. The swabs carried out are 23738 of which 21839 antigen tests, the positive swabs ratio is 8.6%. There are 559 ordinary hospitalizations (- 16 compared to yesterday), those in intensive care 20, an increase of 4 units compared to yesterday. Finally you register a death.

In Abruzzo register 1,154 new positives at Covid, detected on 2,705 molecular swabs and 6,510 antigen tests. I’m 2 the deceased, 360,021 recovered (+866), in total 30,830 currently positive (+285), 285 hospitalized in the medical area (+4), 8 in intensive care (unchanged), 30,537 in home isolation (+281). The new positives are resident in the provinces of L’Aquila (208), Chieti (386), Pescara (266), Teramo (257), outside the region (12), under investigation (24).

In Sardinia register today 1,134 further cases of Covid (of which 961 diagnosed as antigenic). A total of 6073 swabs were processed, including molecular and antigenic. The patients admitted to the intensive care units are 10 (- 1). The patients admitted to the medical area are 241 (- 15). 24113 are the cases of home isolation (+ 188). They register 2 deaths: a 94-year-old woman and an 88-year-old man, resident in the province of Oristano.

In Calabriacompared to 6,299 swabs, were identified 1,084 new positives. They register 5 deaths which bring the total to 2,553. There are 11 hospitalized in intensive care, one more than yesterday. Those in the ward drop by 5 units (200).

In the Marche 1,009 new cases have been identified, there are 4 victims while a total of 124 patients are treated in hospitals. In Friuli Venezia Giulia there are 696 new positives, 4 deaths, 6 ICU patients and 136 in other wards. In Umbria 647 new infections were confirmed, 907 recovered and 209 hospitalized (5 in intensive care). There Basilicata records 372 new infections and one death. In South Tyrol there was one death and 279 new cases, while 3,219 people in home isolation, 315 new healed and 41 hospitalized (none in intensive care). In Trentino there are 277 new cases, while 56 patients are currently hospitalized, of which 2 are in resuscitation. In Molise the new infections are 222, Finally in Valle d’Aosta the new cases are 70, while the hospitalized are 26 (none in intensive care).

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