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Florence, April 15, 2022 – Il virus still runs in Tuscany. Despite the slow stabilization of infections in recent weeks, Covid-19 shows no signs of stopping its run. And in fact, according to today’s advances provided by the Tuscany Region, even today, on the regional territory, they are 4,083 the new cases on 24,964 tests of which 4,917 molecular swabs and 20,047 rapid tests. The rate of new positives is 16.36% (73.0% on first diagnoses). Yesterday the data of the new positives touched i 4122 new infections.

At the same time continues the vaccination campaign which sees 8,856,395 vaccines administered in Tuscany. In this regard, always according to what was found by the Region, at the moment they are 1572 the reservations from the fourth dose for fragile over80 and over60.

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Covid Toscana, the percentage of positives out of the total of subjects subjected to swabs

The contagion map

There are 292,900 total cases to date a Florence (1115 more than yesterday), 72.911 a Lawn (196 more), 84,274 a Pistoia (322 more), 50,861 BC Mass (204 more), 110.107 a Luccto (417 more), 119,310 a Pisa (457 more), 91,252 a Livorno (446 more), 96,112 ad Arezzo (344 more), 72,326 a Siena (330 more), 55.008 a Grosseto (252 more).

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