Covid vaccine, Burioni: “Children’s campaign a catastrophe”

“A catastrophe, a Caporetto. The pediatric vaccination in our country went very badly. In the 5-11 range the average is 33%, in some regions we are at very low levels. It is important to try to convince the parents, who are many “. Professor Roberto Burioni thus expresses himself at Che tempo che fa on the results of the campaign for the administration of the covid vaccine to children.

Lately, there are little encouraging signs also for the vaccination of adults. “There are 7 million people who haven’t even taken a dose. We have to reopen, sure, and we have to live with the virus. But we don’t have to live as if the virus didn’t exist. People don’t get vaccinated anymore, it’s a given. done “, says the virologist of San Raffaele. “The new vaccinations are falling all the time, the message has passed that there is no need to vaccinate anymore. We all want the pandemic to be over, but it is not,” says Burioni. “In particular, we have a million over 50s who have not even taken a dose. In the last week about 4,000 have been vaccinated, perhaps we should try to convince them a little …”.

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