Covid. We are moving towards an extension of the obligation to wear a mask indoors for transport, cinemas, theaters and places at risk such as hospitals and Rsa

by Giovanni Rodriquez

However, it must not be worn in bars, restaurants, shops and in the workplace (except for gatherings). Undersecretary for Health Costa: “I think the time to trust the Italians and to rely on their common sense for those situations at greatest risk, passing from the obligation to a recommendation for a mask indoors except for some places, in order to arrive at a summer without restrictions “.

27 APR

There are now 72 hours left to formalize a decision on the obligation to wear masks indoors. In the absence of a choice by the government, as of May 1st any mask obligation would cease to exist according to the timing set by the reopening decree. A possibility at the moment more than remote.

At the moment, parts of the Ministry of Health would be inclined to extend the mandatory use of masks indoors in all those more crowded places and at risk of contagion such as public transport, cinemas and theaters. To confirm this a Health Newspaper was the Undersecretary of Health, Andrea Costa: “I believe the obligation to be kept indoors will continue, however, reserving it only for some situations that are more at risk public transport, cinemas, theaters and places where there is greater crowding. In these contexts it is reasonable to think of an extension of one month of the ‘obligation”. Obviously, the mask would also remain in those places where the vaccination obligation for health personnel, such as hospitals and Rsa, will remain in force for the whole of 2022.

For everything else, Costa confirms, “we can move on to a recommendation”. The use of the mask in bars, restaurants as well as in commercial establishments would therefore be eliminated. “In essence, it would be a matter of sending a message of trust towards Italians and relying on their common sense for those situations at greatest risk. This – adds Costa – we already see it today even outdoors: despite the fact that there is no longer any obligation in force many people continue to use the masks especially in the most crowded situations “.

It is still uncertain what will be decided for public workplaces. The hope of the undersecretary is that, even in this case, “we can arrive at a recommendation and rely on a sense of responsibility of the citizens”. However, the option of an extension of the obligation remains on the table. This could also involve the use of the simple surgical template.

The goal is to lead the population towards an near end of any restriction. “We are reasoning for a summer without restrictions”, concludes Costa.

Giovanni Rodriquez

April 27, 2022
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