Covid: WHO criticizes China, Beijing triggers censorship. What’s behind the clash

Beijing, May 11, 2022 – La China pulls straight on the ‘zero tolerance’ al Covid and responds dryly toWorld Health Organization (WHO) which yesterday criticized this line of conduct. Indeed, it immediately triggers the censorship against the director Tedros Adhanom: removed his comments from Weibothe country’s main social platform, prevented sharing of its message from WeChatthe most used messaging and services app.

The criticisms of the WHO

The words of the WHO leaders triggered the clash. “When it comes to zero Covid strategywe do not think it is sustainable, considering the behavior of the virus right now and what we expect in the future, it is very important to switch to a different strategy, “Adhanom told a press conference. For a time this strategy allowed China to record a very small number of deaths compared to its population, he added Michael Ryan, Director for Emergencies, and in the face of the increase in the death toll from February-March it is logical that the government reacts, “but all these actions, as we have repeated from the beginning, must be undertaken with respect for people and rights humans “. Ryan called for “dynamic, adaptable and flexible policies”, because the lack of adaptability has shown during this pandemic that can cause “a lot of damage”.

The Beijing replica

Immediate replication of Beijingwho called on the WHO director to refrain from doing “irresponsible statements”. China’s action against Covid-19, commented Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian, “evolves according to the situation and keeps pace with changes. It clearly differs from other countries that support herd immunity and relaxed politics “. China hopes that the people in question will look at its anti-pandemic policies “objectively and rationally” and avoid “irresponsible statements,” Zhao added in the daily briefing.

China and the lockdown

The hard line pursued by Beijing against the latest wave of infections linked to Omicron variant sparked strong protests a Shanghai for the management of prolonged lockdown to which the Chinese financial hub has been subjected for over a month, while the Chinese capital is also struggling to avert draconian blockades, despite the measures gradually adopted by local officials herald the worst scenario. Today, for example, it was decided to close the Forbidden City to the public until “new notice”. Last week, the CCP leadership reiterated the “full validity” of its policies.

“Zero infections or 1.55 million deaths”

According to the results of a modeling study published in Nature MedicineChina could see a wave of Omicron with about 1.55 million deaths and an application for intensive care units (ICUs) up to 15.6 times the existing capacity if its current zero-Covid strategy is revoked.
The Chinese strategy, which aims to cut transmission chains and quickly end outbreaks, has been in place since August 2021 to respond to SARS-CoV-2 variants with higher transmissibility levels (such as Delta and Omicron). However, as mentioned, the continuity of this conduct is increasingly highlighting both political and economic problems.

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