Covid, WHO: down infections and deaths, Italy fifth for new cases

The new covid infections decrease, the number of deaths also decreases. Italy is fifth in the world for new positives and third in Europe for cases and deaths. This is the picture outlined by the latest weekly report from the World Health Organization. “After the increase observed during the first half of March, the number of new cases of Covid-19” globally “decreased for the second consecutive week, with a decline of 16% from March 28 to April 3. Strong there was also a reduction in the number of new deaths (-43%) compared to the previous week, when an ‘artificial peak’ was observed “linked to changes in the definition of Covid deaths in Chile and the USA and retrospective adjustments in India and Southeast Asia.

WHO specifies how “these trends should be interpreted with caution, since several countries are progressively changing their testing strategies, resulting in an overall reduction in swabs performed and therefore in positives detected”.

In the period under review, over 9 million new cases and more than 26 thousand new deaths were reported in the 6 WHO regions, bringing the toll from the beginning of the pandemic to just over 489 million infections and over 6 million deaths. All regions experienced a decline in both cases and deaths. The highest number of new positives was reported by the Republic of Korea (2,058,375, -16%), Germany (1,371,270, -13%), France (959,084, + 13%), Vietnam (796,725, -29%) ) and Italy (486,695, -3%). The highest number of new deaths was reported by the United States (4,435, -10%), the Russian Federation (2,357, -18%), the Republic of Korea (2,336, -5%), Germany (1,592, + 5%) and Brazil (1,436, -19%).

At a European level, after the increase in cases observed in the region during the first half of March – recalls the WHO – the new weekly infections decreased for the second consecutive week (-16%) to over 4.6 million, while new deaths continued to drop, to over 10 thousand (-15%). In 4 countries in the region, new cases increased by 20% or more, especially in Malta (+ 74%), Uzbekistan (+ 28%) and Kyrgyzstan (+ 27%). The highest number of new infections was recorded by Germany (1,371,270, 1648.8 / 100 thousand, -13%), France (959,084; 1474.6 / 100 thousand, + 13%) and Italy (486,695, 816.0 / 100 thousand, -3%). The Russian Federation (2,357, 1.6 / 100 thousand, -18%), Germany (1,592, 1.9 / 100 thousand, + 5%) and Italy (966, 1.6 / 100 thousand, -4%).

“From the first week of 2022, when the highest weekly number of viral sequences (284,061) was reported on the Gisaid platform – underlines the WHO – the figure has progressively decreased. During the 12th week of the year, from 21 to 27 March, only 65,381 sequences were collected and sent to Gisaid, with an average reduction of 12% in the weekly collection and presentation of the sequences “of Sars-CoV-2, according to the Geneva agency that last week had raised an alarm for this decline. , warning countries that the decrease in swabs risked compromising pandemic monitoring systems globally.

If in fact “the decrease in sequences is consistent with the overall trend in new cases observed” in the world, WHO explains that “it may also reflect changes in epidemiological surveillance policies in some countries, including variations in sampling and sequencing strategies,” with a consequent reduction in the overall number of tests and therefore fewer cases detected “.

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