Covid19, from May 1st news on the use of masks indoors. It remains an obligation in schools

Starting from May 1 and until June 15, the rules for the use of masks for the contrast at Covid19 change. The Ministry of Health has approved new provisions regarding the use of masks indoors, for which the only obligation will remain:
– on local public transport
– long-distance vehicles (airplanes, ships, ferries, trains …)
– health facilities, nursing homes, hospitals
– indoor shows
– indoor sporting events

“In hospitals and nursing homes the masks will be maintained. We also strongly believe in the responsibility of citizens. The advice we give is to always carry them with you and wear them if the minimum spacing requirements in closed places are not guaranteed. But I believe that two years of Covid have taught us some behaviors that must be maintained beyond the rules and laws “. The councilor for health and socio-health integration of the Lazio Region, Alessio D’Amatoon the sidelines of the inauguration of Building A of the San Filippo Neri hospital, comments on the latest government provisions on masks indoors.

In the workplace, the use of a mask is strongly recommended, while it will continue to be an obligation in the workplace schools until the end of the school year. This is a decision that has not failed to raise criticism, since warmer temperatures are encountered which make the continuous use of protective devices between the counters annoying.

After June 15, the total elimination of the obligation to wear masks is assumed.

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