CR7 sold the Ballon d’Or that Pelé gave him; why did he do it Halftime

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One of the most coveted awards for every footballer is the Ballon d’Or.. Very few have had the privilege of raising one, but there are exceptional cases such as Cristiano Ronaldo, who boasts five of them.

And it is well known that El Bicho was obsessed with trophies, which is why each season he gave himself to the maximum to be recognized both collectively, but mainly individuallyso the idea that he has parted with one of his prized Ballons d’Or sounds crazy.

Did Cristiano sell a Ballon d’Or?

According to The Mirror, the Al-Nassar striker made the decision to sell one of his ballons d’orperhaps the one that had the most value, since it is the one from 2013, which he received from the hands of the Brazilian legend Edson Arantes do Nascimento, Pelé, in Zurich, Switzerland.

It turned out that everything was for a noble cause, since the 645 thousand dollars that they paid for him they went straight to the Make a Wish charity, which helps seriously ill children achieve their dreams.

Relive the award

Who bought the award?

Idan Ofer, considered the richest Israeli, was the one who acquired the piece from the Portuguese attacker over half a million dollars.

However, it is pointed out that what he bought was an exact replica that CR7 had made to be able to sell it, since the original is in the Bicho museum, which is located in Madeira, Portugal, while the copy was the one he delivered his former agent, Jorge Mendes.

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