Creative Katana SE review: This gaming soundbar has rumble

Creative Katana SE: Two Minute Review

Creative Katana SE is a very good, almost excellent, all-in-one audio solution for PC gamers. It has a series of characteristics that differentiate it from many of the best computer speakers. And, although the Creative Katana SE is the only model among the company’s Katana soundbar offerings that doesn’t feature a subwoofer, it still offers a surprising amount of noise that you probably won’t find in inferior alternatives, whether you’re considering speakers, a sound bar or even the best gaming headphones.

If you are looking for one of the best sound bars, it is important to remember that Creative Katana SE is aimed specifically at gamers. Although it has functionality beyond that, many of the settings are only available through the app, so you’ll be somewhat limited when using it with a TV.

The Creative Katana SE isn’t a radical departure from the soundbar design. At first glance it appears to be a slightly more ergonomic version with its sloping sides and slightly upward angled front grill, which I can only assume is Creative’s assumption that it’s more likely to be used with a computer setup where your ears are. . located above the sound bar.

Katana SE Creative Buttons

(Image credit: Future/James Holland)

However, there are quite a few details here that not only set this sound bar apart from many other options, but also justify its slightly higher price.

Instead of just two forward-facing drivers, there are also two large tweeters facing upward from the top of the unit, giving the Creative Katana SE some physical spatial audio capabilities. There are also two passive radiators on the back that give this soundbar its huge bass response.

Creative Katana SE upward-facing speakers

(Image credit: Future/James Holland)

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