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After the dramatic accident involving Eva Henger and her husband Massimiliano, news arrives that upsets everyone.

It’s been just under two weeks since Eva Henger and her husband Massimiliano Caroletti were involved in a very serious car accident.

Eva Henger after the car accident: what happened in the last few hours. Credits: Mediaset Play

It was exactly on April 29th when Eva Henger and her husband were involved in a car accident that not only resulted in very serious consequences for both, but also resulted in the death of the other couple involved. A real nightmare, as you can clearly understand. And that, despite the passing of the days, it would not seem to end. This is demonstrated by the words of the actress during the episode of Afternoon Five on Wednesday 9 May. In connection with Barbara D’Urso’s broadcast, the beautiful Henger clearly explained her health condition. On live television, in fact, Eva let herself go to a truly creepy tale.

Eva Henger after the accident: what is happening

Almost two weeks after the serious accident that involved her, the health conditions of Eva Henger they would not seem to improve. To tell everything in the smallest detail, it was the person directly interested in Afternoon Five. In recent days, Eva has been transferred to Italy and it is in a Roman clinic that she will continue to stay for the next few days. How is she now? Unfortunately, not good! In fact, on the cameras of Afternoon Five, Eva Henger told of having undergone several operations on her arm, which – although not fractured – went into septicemia due to an infection due to the drip cannula.

“They put a cannula in my arm, but the next day I started to feel some discomfort. The next day I felt strong despite the painkillers “, began to tell the hostess. Explaining that, after removing the cannula from her and realizing the inflammation caused by it, she wrapped her arm in gauze without letting out all the liquid. And the consequence was quite disastrous. “The hand was all black”, he said.

How are you now?

Once in Rome, in the next few days – as also underlined by the surgeon Lorenzetti live – Eva Henger will have to undergo a foot surgery. For fractures related to the clavicle and pelvis, however, there is no scheduled intervention, but it will take time for a total recovery. Finally, Professor Lorenzetti was keen to explain that, by making complete investigations, they realized that Henger also has an effusion in the lungs and around the heart. “He had quite a major trauma”, the surgeon explained to Barbara D’Urso, revealing that this is a type of effusion that absorbs itself with a suitable drug therapy.

Even Massimiliano, about whom he told a goosebumps background, has a broken breastbone. “He gets out of it much faster”, said Professor Lorenzetti.

eva henger after accident
Credits: Mediaset Play

We wish the best of luck to Eva Henger and her husband!

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