‘Crimes of the Future’, David Cronenberg’s latest film at the Lugones theater

Crimes of Future, the latest from Cronenberg, the only stopover in theaters
“Crimes of Future”, the latest from Cronenberg, the only scale in theater.

The latest film by the Canadian filmmaker David Cronenberg, “Crimes of the Future”which had its world premiere at the last Cannes Festival, will have twelve exclusive performances in the Leopoldo Lugones room of the San Martín Theater, Corrientes 1530, the first six of them during the course of July.

The film that will arrive on the MUBi platform at the end of the month can be seen at Lugones Thursday 14, Friday 15, Saturday 16, Sunday 17, Tuesday 19 and Wednesday 20 at 9:00 p.m.with complementary functions during August.

In his latest film, Cronenberg proposes a fascinating staging of futuristic nightmares under a certain film noir tone, with the performances of Viggo Mortensenthe French Lea Seydoux and the American Kristen Stewart.

Trailer “Crimes of the Future”


It is a film about a dystopian horizon where the way of life and the annihilation of the environment generates a genetic mutation in some human beings in which new organs begin to appear, a kind of parallel evolutionary line in the face of the consequences of climate change .

Shot in the midst of a pandemic in Greece with a script written 20 years ago, “Crimes of the Future” proposes an environment entirely invented by Cronenberg’s precise cinematographic eye, in a film that revives in its lighting and some of its development the best atmospheres of the film noire in a dystopian key.

At the center of the story is Viggo Mortensen as Saúl Tender, a subject who goes through these organ changes and who lives together with Caprice (Lea Seydoux), a performer.

This duo presents their body art show in a nightclub, where Caprice opens Saúl’s body with a remote device and extracts, with remotely controlled tweezers, the unknown and unpublished organs or tumors that appear on him.

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