Criminal Squad: an American thriller with 50 Cent and Gerard Butler soon on Tipik!

This Wednesday, October 12, Tipik offers you a thrilling evening in the heart of a Los Angeles tormented by stories of gangs and bank robberies. Released in 2018, Criminal Squad is an effective detective thriller. On the bill, you will find super stars including rapper 50 cent and actor Gerard Butler. What should you expect? We will explain everything to you !

If this US action film had to be summed up in one sentence, it would be this: “if you want to survive, you always have to be one step ahead“. Criminal Squad (also called in some English-speaking countries Den Of Thieves) is the first feature film directed by Christian Gudegast (to whom we owe A man apart with Vin Diesel). Fun fact: Christian is the son of the famous interpreter of Victor Newman in the fires of love!

Released in cinemas in 2018, Criminal Squad pleases the public and film critics, as this article from the French magazine l’Express shows:

As effective as it is dark, the film keeps you in suspense with a scenario with drawers (…) and, above all, astonishes by stylistic biases that go against the overly illustrative codes of the genre.

A game of cat and mouse where evil and good flirt, mix and harmonize at times. On the program: suspense, simple but effective action scenes and gunfights galore. Many viewers also pointed out the similarities to other big-name thrillers like The Town or Heat.

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