Criminals star in movie heist in Manhattan

As if it were a scene from science fiction, a couple of unscrupulous people staged a movie heist in the exclusive Upper East Side area of ​​Manhattan. The incident occurred last Saturday at 5:00 pm, at the intersection of East 92nd Street and 2nd Avenue in the aforementioned neighborhood.

In the video that was released this Sunday, and which was recorded by a passerby, it is seen how two men aboard a black Mercedes Benz car began to follow the driver of a silver Toyota Rav-4, according to police reports.

The audiovisual shows how the black Mercedes car reaches the gray Toyota SUV truckcrashing into it and causing it to slide into another parked car, while the driver of the Mercedes steps on the accelerator and pushes the other car onto the curb.

The driver of the Toyota manages to accelerate and drives on the sidewalk, but is again chased by the driver of the Mercedes, who collides with the car and hits him again, blocking his way to escape.

After immobilizing him, it is seen how the passenger of the Mercedes leaves the vehicle, breaking one of the van’s windows.

In the video you can hear a passer-by shouting: “he has a gun, he has a gun”, and it is at that moment that the person who is recording the video tries to hide so as not to be seen by the robbers.

According to police reports, the 55-year-old victim was robbed of US$20,000 that he was carrying in cash. After taking the money, the passenger enters the Mercedes and flees without leaving any injuries.

Authorities said the thieves abandoned the vehicle a few blocks away. The authorities presume that the criminals knew the victim.

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