Cristante sends a message to the FMF after the triumph of Querétaro against San Luis

Hernan Cristante and Mikel Arriola
Hernan Cristante and Mikel Arriola

Gallos Blancos win the Clásico del Centro in a game that seemed to end in a draw. With great performances by their figures (Sepúlveda, Sequeira and Aguerre) the Queretaro club managed to win the Clásico del Centro against its staunch rival Atlético de San Luis. The match ended with a score of 2-1.

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The triumph undoubtedly served as pure oxygen against a squad so mistreated by off-field issues, and above all to a stigmatized crowd due to the violent acts of pseudo-fans. After the victory, the coach of Querétaro, Hernán Cristante, did not hesitate to take out the pressure that he and his team experienced in these weeks.

Crisante in defense of the players

The Argentine technical director from the first moment he took the microphones was clear: punish those responsible yes, punish the players no. Something that he made clear in an interview on ESPN with Odín Ciani: “we were an example of a civic act” declared the Argentine. And it seems that this time he emphasizes it again before the league board.

The La Plata coach declared that he was happy for the victory and for what it represents for the squad and the fans, making it clear that the players do not deserve to have been treated in the way they are. Making clear emphasis on the extra transfers that were made to go to the Morelos Stadium and the other measures that indirectly affect the players.

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