CRISTIANO ALSO AGREES: Mourinho mentioned the biggest club in the world

In his days as a translator and assistant, Jose Mourinho worked at FC Barcelona. And in his fantastic career as manager, he has had the opportunity to be part of clubs like Porto, Chelsea, Inter, Manchester United, Tottenham and AS Roma.

After so many experiences The Special One He has no doubt which is the biggest club of all. Just as Cristiano Ronaldo declared at the time (another figure who has been in huge entities), the Lusitanian mister placed Real Madrid as #1.

What he experienced in the Santiago Bernabéu entity, despite the fact that it was not the most successful stage of his career (only 3 collective titles), he did not find anywhere else.


Mou he will always be a madridista. And he will be with them in the next UEFA Champions League final: “There are 2 reasons in 1: it is a club that is in my heart, I am a white white white in Spain. The biggest club in the world. And because Ancelotti and I are friends, I’m happy for him and I know he’s happy for his Roma and for his friend Jose. Now he has his final and I have mine (Conference League), let’s see if these two young coaches can win (laughs)”.

Undefeated data. Jose Mourinho has won 25 titles as technical director. Successes in Portugal, England, Italy and Spain. Legend.

Did you know…? Jose Mourinho could be the first manager to win the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League and UEFA Conference League. He always protagonist.

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