Cristiano and Georgina Rodriguez’s daughter Alana Martina’s gentle Disney celebration

Alana MartinaThe daughter of Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodríguez, turned 6 years old this November 12 and her family celebrated her in a simple, but very special way, as the theme of the event was Disney Princesses.

In a video shared on the account of Georgina in your account InstagramWe learned some details of the event, very confidential, including that each corner was decorated, preferably pink and with decorations similar to a fairy tale castle, decorated with sweets.

Additionally, they blew out the candles on a three-tier cake, but they also showed off a machine for preparing homemade churros and an inflatable play area. But that wasn’t the coolest thing about the event, as Alana’s parents set up a skating rink in the garden of their home. That’s right, a snowy track in the middle of the Arabian desert, where Cristiano currently plays.

Cristiano’s aspect as a loving father

Additionally, in the video you can see Cristiano blowing out the candles with his daughter in his arms while her parents and brother sing a song for her. ‘happy birthday’, At a party where he was accompanied by family and close friends.

In the over a minute long clip, the Portuguese star is also seen enjoying the ice skating rink while riding a bicycle.

Eventually, it appears ulnaAt the end of the program she was recording herself with a mobile phone singing ‘If You’re Not’ by Iñigo Quintero.

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