Cristiano Jr already ‘monstrous’ physically at only 11 years old, the video makes the buzz

Cristiano Ronaldo returned last summer to Manchester United, a club that truly revealed him to the world. The Portuguese had the ambition to put the Red Devils at the top of the Premier League. Unfortunately, the new Mancunian adventure of the fivefold Ballon d’Or is not really going as planned. Indeed, Manchester United will once again win no title and the presence of the club for the next Champions League is not assured. The future of CR7 in the North of England could even depend on it and it is not unthinkable to see him leave Manchester United this summer.

Unless he decides not to throw in the towel and do everything to help the Red Devils. Also, his family would like United and his son, Cristiano Jr, enjoys the youth categories of Manchester United. An action has also been buzzing in recent hours on social networks.

Cristiano Jr makes the show

We know the impressive physical form of Cristiano Ronaldo, who at 37, continues to perform at a very high level. His son also plays Soccerwho is 11 years old. And like his father, the young Portuguese wants to give himself the means to break everything. Diet, sport, advanced exercises, everything goes. In recent hours, an action by Cristiano Jr has been circulating on Twitter, physically demolishing one of his opponents.

An impressive sequence given the size of CR7’s son. See instead:

Internet users react

Inevitably, such a sequence on the son of Cristiano Ronaldo quickly reacted. We can see in particular as comments on Twitter:

  • “How is it possible that he will soon be approaching 1m70 when he is 11 years old, should I explain??”
  • “Cristiano he is creating the Germa 66, football is just a cover”
  • “You are surprised at his size, his father is Ronaldo, a guy who did bodybuilding when he was little but who is 1m87 today, it’s clear he will be the same height as his daron or even maybe a little more”
  • “In 4 years when the little one catches up with his physical return, he will break his legs”
  • “A monster he has a whole nutritional program while I at the same age was in the process of banging Msemen stuffed with Cola”

It remains to be seen how Cristiano Jr will manage the rest of his adventure in the world of football.

Fans are in any case always very attentive to its development and progress. Given his physique and his talent at 11, everything suggests that he could be destined for a great career.. That’s all the harm we can wish him.


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