Cristiano Rolando and the warning about his coach at Al-NassrHalf time

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The arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo to Saudi Arabian Professional League has caused the world to turn to see the Al Nassrteam in which the Portuguese will now play and which is trained by the French rudi garciaa strategist of whom he does not have good memories Juninho Pernambuco.

They attack the new DT of Cristiano Ronaldo

The former Brazilian soccer player and former sports director of the Lyon Olympics did not hesitate to launch caveat for the 37-year-old player regarding his new technician.

“My experience with Rudi García was terrible. is the character worse that I have known in my entire football career”, declared the South American in an interview with the Portuguese outlet MaisFutebol.

“He doesn’t know how to lead anything. He leads by the fear he imposes on others. Only respect people who have power or who can be taken advantage of in the relationship”, added the former player who played for teams such as Vasco da Gama, Olympique de Lyon and Al-Gharrafa.

In the same talk, Juninho asserted that the strategist of the Al Nassr will not hesitate to contact service of the now star of his club. “He won’t dare to do anything that gets in the way, on the contrary, even will serve Cristiano breakfast if necessary. He will try to be Cristiano’s friend, to be close and he will do everything possible for it. It will be a dream for him to be friends with Cristiano Ronaldo“, he commented.

The relationship between Juninho and Rudi García

It should be remembered that before rudi garcia will take the reins of Al Nassr was in front of Lyon Olympicsteam where he coincided with Juninho. Since his departure from the French team, the DT and former player have not had the best relationship.

“I found out that when the Brazilian signings didn’t play, he wasn’t happy. That created a problem. Does things behind your back“he mentioned rudy after leaving Lyon in 2021what Juninho He replied: “Rudi García doesn’t care about the team’s success or the atmosphere in the locker room. What matters is that he is the center of paid attentionno“.

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