Cristiano Ronaldo has made a big decision for his future!

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This weekend, we still talked a lot about Cristiano Ronaldo in England. And for good reason, the Portuguese played his first match of the summer with the Red Devils, in full drama about his future, he who would like to do everything to leave Old Trafford and find a club that participates in the Champions League.

A small controversy in passing, since the star of the Portuguese selection left the stadium before the end of the match, he who was replaced for the second period. And in England, it did not rain. Anyway, the daily AS reveals new elements on the future of the 37-year-old player on Tuesday.

Napoli and Atlético, the two most credible options

We learn in particular that he had set a deadline to find a club. He wanted his future to be settled before Sunday and the start of the Red Devils season, with this match against Brighton for the first day of the Premier League. According to the newspaper, everything indicates that this will not be the case and that he will start the season as a Mancunian, even if it is very likely that he will not play this meeting on August 7.

For now, still according to the media, the most credible options for the player’s future remain Atlético and even Napoli. But either way, there’s a need to sell and free up space for the former Real Madrid star. Suffice to say that Cristiano Ronaldo may have to take his troubles patiently for a little while yet.

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