Cristiano Ronaldo has settled his accounts publicly after criticism!

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A few days ago, Wayne Rooney’s comments to Skysports were particularly talked about in England. Settling the case of Cristiano Ronaldo and Paul Pogba, the former Manchester United legend had mentioned a CR7 who “is aging a bit” and no longer corresponds frankly to the project that the Red Devils should have with hungry young players.

An outing that obviously did not please Cristiano Ronaldo even if the latter, until now, had chosen to stay out of the fray… Until last night when the Portuguese did not deprive himself of go distribute a tackle in the rules.

Cristiano Ronaldo stings the jealous

While Wayne Rooney shared a photo of himself taking part in this show on Instagram, Cristiano Ronaldo came in the comments last night to slip in a ‘Jealous two’ which obviously inflamed comments on the post of the former Reds’ number 10. Devils. Vibe…

to summarize

While Cristiano Ronaldo was not spared a few days ago by a big name from Manchester United, he settled his accounts. On Instagram, the Portuguese did not fail to sting the duo Wayne Rooney – Jamie Carragher.

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