“Cristiano Ronaldo? He will play until he is 42 because he is never satisfied”

At 37, Cristiano Ronaldo is far from showing signs of weakness. He is still there. And one of his former teammates thinks he can be at this level until he’s 42.

In an interview with GOAL, Adrien Silva, the former Portuguese international, praised the Manchester United star. And says he is not surprised by his longevity at the very highest level.

Of course, it’s not surprising because it’s Ronaldo, but you start to think: “Until what age can he continue to do this? But his longevity is what’s most special about him. Of course, physically, with so many games, it can become more and more difficult. But he still plays 60 or 70 matches a year, and he’s still in great shape. Even if he starts playing fewer games, he will continue to score points. So I think he could play another four or five years at the top, which is crazy. Because even after lifting so many trophies, and achieving so much, he’s never satisfied. He is always on the hunt for more and more titles. And that’s something you can’t take away from him. I’m so glad to see it shine again” , did he declare.

Yesterday, Cristiano Ronaldo shone again by scoring a decisive goal against Chelsea.

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