Cristiano Ronaldo, his companion Georgina Rodriguez a strong woman in mourning

losing a baby that we carried nine months in her wombthat we felt moving, that we imagined and that we look forward to hugging, is a loss very painful.

A much-loved baby

Ivan Garcia, a journalist friend of Georgina Rodriguez, confided in Sonsoles Onega on his television show: “It has been a very complicated week. The baby was a little person who was already much loved. »

A strong woman

If the son of Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez is deceased at birthher twin is alive and well. And Ivan Garcia to continue on this subject: “She has always said that the children come first, she is totally dedicated to the care of her newborn daughter. » Syears forgetting his eldest daughter Alanaborn on November 12, 2017 and who is the fourth child of Cristiano Ronaldo. Reassuring about the state of health of Georgina Rodriguez, Ivan Garcia specifies that “They make a solid couple. Georgina is very strong. Everyone around her will help her. »

Support is indeed essential in this situation. However, it takes time to grieve, and the loss of a child is never forgotten. We only learn to live with…

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