Cristiano Ronaldo is prohibited from debuting with Al Nassr. Why is the CR7 premiere postponed?

Cristiano Ronaldo had a spectacular presentation with the Al Nassrwho planned to continue with the party and make his debut this Thursday in the match against Al Ta’eebut the premiere and the 28,000 viewers who already had their ticket will have to wait.

Although the Portuguese star was released by the Manchester Utddid not get rid of a sanction imposed by the English Football Association (FA) and will have to pay a penalty of two games for snatching and breaking a phone from a fan of the Everton.

Pursuant to article 12.1 of the FIFA Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players, Christian must deal with the last earring left in the Premier Leaguealthough he has even changed the continent.

“Any disciplinary sanction of up to four matches or up to three months that has been imposed on a player by the previous association but not yet (fully) complied with at the time of transfer will be enforced by the new association with which he has registered. the player so that the sanction is fulfilled at the national level”, reads the regulation that justifies the prohibition of Christian to debut.

ronaldo had the incident in November, when he was walking towards the tunnel of Goodison Park and an autistic fan wanted to take a picture and the player took the phone from his hand and threw it away. The FA fined him and a two-match ban, but CR7 did not play with Manchester Utd.

“It is never easy to deal with emotions in difficult times like the one we are facing,” he wrote. Christian to apologize to the fan and invited him to Old Traffordbut it will not be able to fulfill that commitment either.

When will Cristiano Ronaldo be able to debut with Al-Nasrr?

With the two parties that weigh on Christianin addition to missing the expected debut against the al thaiwill not be in front of Al Shabab and it will be until the day 14 of the saudi arabia league when the lusitano will be able to debut with the al nassrin the duel against al ettifaq of January 21st.

During his presentation, CR7 He said that after breaking all the records in Europe, he arrives determined to do the same in Asia. “In Europe my job is done, I already won and played in the best teams there and now I want a new challenge in Asia and Al Nassr gave me the chance.”

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