Cristiano Ronaldo receives a great reward, a few weeks after the tragedy

It is a tragedy from which many would not have recovered, but Cristiano Ronaldo managed to turn it into a strength to come back even stronger. On April 18, the 37-year-old Portuguese had to announce the death of one of his twins during the birth of his companion, Georgina Rodriguez. If the little girl named Bella Esmeralda got away with it, her son died, which caused a strong wave of emotions among football fans. After several days of media hiatus to take the time to digest the news, the Manchester United striker returned to the field, once again proving his incredible mental strength.

A return to grace hailed by the supporters of his team, but also of other clubs, proof of the aura and respect that Cristiano Ronaldo imposes on lovers of his sport. Despite the very delicate situation he went through, the teammate of Paul Pogba and Raphaël Varane in Manchester made a simply breathtaking return, scoring goal on goal, which earned him today the honor of being named “Player of the Month” in the English Championship. A trophy that obviously made the father of five very happy, as he showed on social networks.

I’m as happy to win it today as I was when I was younger

In a publication posted last night, the Portuguese followed by…

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