Cristiano Ronaldo: records he can still get

Cristiano Ronaldo He is around 40 years old (he is currently 38 years old), with an extremely prolific career and rhythms of training unmatched for years and years. in the last gamesits performance has varied and even, the portuguese player has undergone some changes equipment that have not been exempt from controversy and that have diminished in the quality of your game.

However, none of this seems to matter to the soccer playerwhich follows in the basketball court giving all his effort and still stands out among players that surround him. But why would he want to continue in the fray, and not withdraw?

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And it is that the famous CR7 does not seem to give up, although the media pressure so that Cristiano Ronaldo approaches his retirement has been intense, including comments from other players as of the soccer player French Frank Leboeuf, who suggested that CR7 should retire before it was too late, added to the conflicts and friction that the player has had with his coaches, such as Fernando Santos in the Portugal team, who hardly took out Christian from the bank So, what are the earrings left for someone who has already demonstrated his historic talent on the pitch?

Records that CR7 can still get

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The player has changed teams, but continues as leader

One of the reasons why Cristiano Ronaldo remains on the field is that, despite the years he has been playing in top-level categories, the truth is that he still gives good results. The problem is that perhaps if compared to his performance a few years ago, it might seem that the player is no longer good, but the reality is that, although the quality of its game has gone down, he’s still pretty good for his age and time on the court. Not for nothing has he just joined the Arab team Al-Nassr, becoming the highest paid player in the world (although not the richest).

On the other hand, to his long list of records there might be a few missing. And it is that Cristiano Ronaldo He collects distinctions such as 701 goals in 951 official matches with clubs, 120 goals in 197 matches with the national team, top scorer in the Champions League with 141 goals, five Champions Leagues and five Ballon d’Ors, among others. However, if you continue playingcould approach a few others.

For example, yes CR7 stays in shape, could become the first soccer player in doing 200 international appearances on the pitchrepresenting his team, Portugal.

Also, let’s remember that being the player with the most goals in a selection, each participation in the basketball court account to increase your record and we well know that it is important not to neglect this. Especially since, at the moment, CR7 He has 120 goals in 197 games with Portugal, but his rival Lionel Messi is already approaching, with 99 for Argentina.

On the other hand, if he remains playing for the Arab team Al-Nassr, he will continue to be crowned the highest paid soccer playerbut he also does it in a strategic move, since he no longer has to submit his body to the strong sacrifices and training of the European league, but without losing out on a juicy salary that still keeps him as the leader of some lists.

After all, the race Cristiano Ronaldo has been notable for its efforts since its inception, when the player trained with ankle weights to increase effort, or left the courts after hours of training to go to the gym to do exercise routines, always testing everything he is capable of. Therefore, it should not surprise us that the soccer player he wants to remain active as far as he can go and that perhaps, if he continues to progress well along the way, it can lead him to break a few other records to add to his list.

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