Cristiano Ronaldo suffers the first setback with Al-Nassr of Saudi Arabia


He has not been released with his new club and the bad news continues to arrive around the Portuguese football career Cristiano Ronaldo.

His team, Al-Nassr, faces Al-Tai SC on Thursday for matchday 12 of the first division of the Saudi Arabian league tournament.

Given this, the debut of the “Bug” was agreed to take place in this match, however, a penalty from Manchester United will make the premiere of the five-time Champions League have to wait.

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As reported by the Daily Mail, Al-Nassr will not be able to summon CR7, due to a sanction imposed by the English Football Federation (FA), which punished him with two games for breaking a fan’s cell phone in the game between Manchester United – Everton at Old Trafford.

The disciplinary body made the penalty official on November 23, 2022 when the Portuguese was already detached from the English team.

In this context, the current FIFA regulations indicate that a sanction for unsportsmanlike conduct must be applied in the league in which the punished player plays. Therefore, Cristiano Ronaldo will not play the match on Thursday.

“Any disciplinary sanction of up to four matches or up to three months that has been imposed on a player by the previous association, but not yet fully complied with at the time of the transfer, will be executed by the new association in which he has been transferred.” registered the player so that the sanction is fulfilled at the national level ”, says the FIFA regulations.

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