Cristiano Ronaldo will not be prosecuted by American justice

Cristiano Ronaldo’s rape trial is dismissed by a US judge in Las Vegas.

A lawsuit brought against Cristiano Ronaldo by a woman who accuses the Manchester United star of sexual assault has been dismissed by a US District Judge. The unauthorized and repeated use of privileged documents led to the dismissal of the civil action against the attacker.

Federal Judge Jennifer Dorsey ruled that the complaint filed by Kathryn Mayorga was based on “stolen” confidential documents obtained by her lawyer and which had “tainted” her file.

Last year, another Las Vegas court also recommended the lawsuit be dismissed due to the behavior of Kathryn Mayorga’s legal counsel.

Cristiano Ronaldo won’t have to pay more

Cristiano Ronaldo paid $375,000 in 2009 to a woman who claimed to have been raped in Las Vegas by the Portuguese. The judge in charge of the case decided on Friday to refuse a trial to be held because of the “bad faith” of the specified victim. The Mancunian captain will therefore not have to pay more.

In a statement released in October 2018, Ronaldo said: “I strongly deny the charges leveled against me. Rape is a heinous crime that goes against everything I am and believe in.”

His legal team said the sexual encounter was consensual and a confidentiality agreement prevents those around him and the woman from discussing it.

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