Cristiano Ronaldo will pay for all the damage caused by his Bugatti

Cristiano Ronaldo will bear all the damage caused by the accident of his Bugatti, which was driven by one of his employees, Monday, in Mallorca.

Cristiano Ronaldo will get his hands on the wallet. Currently on vacation with his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez and her children in Mallorca, the Portuguese star has agreed to take responsibility for the damage caused by one of his employees who lost control of his Bugatti Veyron before crashing it into the wall of a property, Monday, on the Balearic island.

If the damage is significant on the racing car of more than 1,000 horses and worth 2.1 million euros, the accident also caused significant damage to the home. So much so that the owner of the premises can no longer live there for the moment. “At the time, they ripped out my water meter and since then, I can no longer live in my own house, the door flew away and they knocked down two concrete columns,” he told Ultima Hora.

Cristiano Ronaldo was not driving the vehicle at the time of the accident.

The latter even feared for the life of his dog. “I thought they killed him. When I entered, I saw him tremble with fear far from the entrance, “added the man who moved, the day after the accident, to the luxurious residence rented by Cristiano Ronaldo to obtain an explanation. and support for repairs.

“I had to wait a long time for the door to open, but found a very polite man and woman. On behalf of Ronaldo, they promised to pay for all damage caused by the Bugatti. They told me to fix everything and keep the bills,” said the owner, who is still very affected by what happened to him.

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