Cristiano Ronaldo’s rating in FIFA 23 enrages players

A leak of FIFA 23 player ratings appears to have revealed a major demotion for Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo and it has greatly annoyed fans who are unhappy with the changes made to his card.

FIFA 23 is just weeks away from launch, and discussions have already started within the community about which players should be rated highest in this year’s game.

Every year, EA likes to shake up the meta by handing out buffs and drops based on each player’s performance over the past season.

And on August 30, a major FIFA 23 leak revealed dozens of player ratings in advance.

The stat changes have been many and significant, and some of the biggest names in football in recent years have plummeted in the ratings. However, what was most surprising to many fans was the sharp drop in Manchester United striker Cristiano Ronaldo.

The rating of CR7 in FIFA 23 at the heart of the debates

If the Portuguese striker is recognized as one of the best players in the history of football, according to recent leaks, the latter will have a rating of 90 in FIFA 23.

Despite being the sixth best player in the game, this is a -1 drop from FIFA 22 which drops him to his lowest rating since FIFA 11.

And while a rating of 90 may seem reasonable for a 37-year-old player, fans disagree due to the extent of his stats drop, especially his speed from 87 to 81 and his dribbling skills. from 88 to 85.

After the card appeared on Reddit, many believe that with these stats in play, Ronaldo will be virtually unusable in a FUT match in FIFA 23.

One player said: “He looks like trash now!thus suggesting that Ronaldo will not have a place in this year’s meta.

However, with this demotion, players have questioned the value the player card will have: “I give it 2 months, and it will be 200kanother player revealed.

Others have argued that despite Ronaldo’s age, he is still worthy of a card that can rival the likes of Mbappé and Messi. “I don’t know, it seems a bit harsh considering he’s had a decent first season since returning to United in terms of individual performance.

However, it’s worth bearing in mind that this rating is based on a leak of an early version of FIFA 23.

So it’s possible that EA is still tinkering with the game’s stats, and as a result, Ronaldo could then have a much more impressive card by the time the Ultimate Team season begins.

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