Cristiano’s jersey is worth a fortune! In Mexico they sell it for double time

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The customers haggling in the market would say: “Is it the least, listen?” The Fever for Cristiano Ronaldo after his unexpected arrival Saudi Arabia has generated that millions of people in that country and around the world want the Al Nassr CR7 shirt. As always, there are those who want to take economic advantage of the high demand with high prices.

Playing in the Middle East, in lands that can be inhospitable to many of us, it is precisely that “wackiness” factor that has triggered the Cristiano jersey pricesunlike his years at Real Madrid, Manchester United and Juventus, where despite being a great star it was easier to get his shirt.

How to buy the CR7 shirt?

We already said it the Al Nassr jersey is not so easy to find in sports stores or department stores, which is why people choose to do the Purchase online and there are alternatives, some more risky than others due to collection methods or doubts as to whether the garment is original.

Of course there is the Al Nassr official store (here) to acquire the Cristiano Ronaldo shirt personalized with the number 7, obviously knowing that it is original. Other options where this product is already offered is Facebook Marketplace and in Free market.

How much is Cristiano’s Al Nassr jersey worth?

On the Al Nassr site, the CR7 uniform costs £65, which is equivalent to 1 thousand 500 Mexican pesos with the exchange rate as of January 11, 2023. An important detail is that there is no shipping cost to Mexicoso the payment for the shirt includes that it arrives at your doorstep, although the waiting time can be a couple of weeks.

Incredibly, in Marketplace there are people who are selling twice the garment of the Portuguese Such is the case of a sales group called “Mercado Libre de jerseys”, in which a user identified as Omar Ortiz claims to be in Saudi Arabia and that in a few days he will bring 100 Original Al-Nassr shirts with the name of Cristiano Ronaldosame that will give in 3 thousand 200 pesos.

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