Criticism of the new Keanu Reeves movie

Of Keanu Reeves memory Maximum Speed ​​(Speed) with Sandra Bullock in 1994. That year I saw it in black and white on a small television in the dining room of my house with my family. I really enjoyed it because she kept the suspense until the final minutes and had a villain who didn’t intend to give in to anything.

But there are other films from his filmography that I value as A Walk on the Clouds, The Devil’s Advocate, Constantinethe emblematic and unforgettable matrix (I’m only talking about the first movie) and now john wick.

I don’t think there is a generation, even the current one, that doesn’t know the actor. For decades he has tried to deliver entertaining, interesting, fun products that will hardly be forgotten.

good box office

Currently, in times of streaming, Keanu Reeves debuts john wick 4, the fourth film in a franchise that began 2014 with unexpected success. The first movie cost $20 million and ended up making over $80 million. This last film demanded 100 million dollars and in its first opening weekend it collected 137 million dollars worldwide. A complete success. Even criticism. The experts surrendered to the new installment of Reeves.

In reality, the film offers what we have already seen in the previous installments of the franchise, but improved. The challenge of this type of action is to create scenes that are incredible, but believable and in john wick 4 This concept is achieved, mainly in the last 45 minutes.

the final shot

In this section of the film there is a spectacular shot around the Arc de Triomphe in France which include cars and many fights. It reminded me of the scene from the last movie of Mission Impossible with Tom Cruise in which the protagonist enters this sector, but in the opposite direction to the road, generating more adrenaline and suspense to the sequence. The proposal in John Wick is similar, but it is more similar to a video game in that the character must compete with all the obstacles that the game offers.

In addition to this, the fights expose less blood, but they do not necessarily stop being violent as they include knives and machetes with great ferocity, fire and even a pencil.

pure action

The movie is 90% action.. This type of sequences precedes the dialogues. It is said that the protagonist hardly speaks more than 300 words. Most of the lyrics fall on the villain and John Wick’s allies.

Another interesting factor in the film is the inclusion of record players, landlines, typewriters, radios, etc. elements that do nothing more than underline the nostalgia in the viewer.

The ending comes with a surprise, although it’s probably not a definitive epilogue given the success of this movie. Nevertheless john wick 4 It is an entertaining and fun product, with very good action scenes, which improve as the last minutes of the tape approach. This new Keanu Reeves film is worth paying for.

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