Critics: Critique of Eskil Vogt’s film “Occult Powers” (“The Innocents”)

The second feature film of the Norwegian director Blind (2014) is another interesting exponent of Nordic genre cinema that deals with child characters with supernatural powers.

hidden powers ,Innocent , by sylvania, Norway/2021). Direction and Screenplay: Eskil Vogt. Cast: Raquel Lenora Flotum, Alva Brinsmo Ramstedt, Mina Yasmin Bremseth Ashim, Sam Ashraf, Ellen Dorit Pedersen, Morten Svartveit, Kadra Youssef and Lisa Tanne. Photography: Sturla Brandeth Grovelen. Music: Pessy Levanto. Art Direction: Marius Vinje Brustad. Distributor: Impacto Cine. Duration: 117 minutes. Suitable for over 16 years old. Rooms (1st week): 21.

15 years ago it was released in cinemas in Argentina Creature Of The Night / Let The Right One In, in which Sweden’s Tomas Alfredsson took the vampire cliché as a starting point to connect it to a tragic tale of marginalized teenagers. no one sucks blood hidden powersBut there is also a group of boys with supernatural abilities who, like that group, meet in the playground of the social housing complex where they live with their families.

Second film as director of Eskil Vogt (regular screenwriter for Joachim Trier, films such as worst person in the world) begins with Ben (Sam Ashraf) and Aisha (Mina Yasmin Bremseth Ashim) meeting Ida (Raquel Lenora Flotum), who suffers from a skin disease called vitiligo. Next to them is Anna, Ida’s older sister and whom she must take care of as she suffers from a form of autism that prevents her from speaking.

Sooner or later the group begins to experience paranormal experiences. For example, Ben uses telekinesis to move things around with his mind. Ayesha, on her part, can manipulate minds, listen to others’ thoughts or be able to make them say whatever she wants. Even with Anna, who speaks her first words much to the delight of her parents.

Far from the adventure stamp that such a complex would have in the hands of Marvel or Netflix, hidden powers Shows how these children use their special talents to benefit or harm others. For example, Ben is taking revenge on those who harass him in order to prove it. Or Ayesha’s attitude.

the whole movie takes place in media race, There are no underscores or highlights before the supernatural is revealed, nor are there sudden twists in a script that slowly sweeps the audience into the web woven by its protagonist. Enigmatic hero, because here, as in a good Nordic film, silence and gesture are much more valuable than words.

The seclusion of the general compound – to the extent that it sometimes seems that only they and their families live there – and an opaque color palette reinforce the ominous character of this uncomfortable universe inhabited by boys for whom gambling and evil The line between is blurred. dangerously small.

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