Critique of ‘Mafia Mamma’, a crime comedy with Toni Collette and Monica Bellucci

As if she were the Melville Chevelson of Hollywood comedies vacationing in the most picturesque and grungy Italy, Catherine Hardwicke recreates her past (Latin, harsh and dramatic) ‘Miss Bala’ (2019), which There was also the story of “A”. job not suitable for women”, in A Mediterranean matriarchal and criminal ode Where a Yankee housewife (Toni Collette going from Meryl Streep to Al Pacino in Cher mode) finds happiness as the head of an Italian mafia clan.

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Built on wry humour, but effective and epic (prepare food; kill people), ‘Mafia Mamma’Based on a duet between Colette and the fun-loving Monica Bellucci, ,

His overbearing autochthonous secondary, a lovely support from the screenwriting duo of the film Buff Winks (‘The Godfather’ and Orange) and his Italian collaborators Mario Amendola and, above all, Rodolfo Sonego in the service of Alberto Sordi and who were already like this’ Reference to Woody Allen in ‘To Rome With Love’

For connoisseurs of Italian-American humor.

Best: The detail of Gianni Morandi’s inclusion of that song on the soundtrack.

Worst: Reading the film in a key that isn’t fun.

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Address: Catherine Hardwicke Distribution: Toni Collette, Monica Bellucci, Giulio Corso, Eduardo Scarpetta Country: United States, Italy, United Kingdom Year: 2023 Release Date: 21–7-2023 gender: comedy script: J. Michael Feldman, Debbie John Duration: 101 minutes

Summary: Kristin Balbano is dealing with a midlife crisis when her Italian grandfather passes away. His will takes him to Italy to take charge of his businesses, which he didn’t expect.

uncle mafia


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