‘Cruella 2’: The filming of the sequel with Emma Stone will take place in 2023

‘Cruella’ arrived last year in the midst of a pandemic and with the entertainment industry in one of its most confusing and delicate moments. The prequel to ‘101 Dalmatians’ starring Emma Stone in the role of the iconic villain Cruella De Vilwas released simultaneously in theaters and Disney+, as part of Disney’s temporary hybrid distribution strategy during the global health crisis.

Even being available simultaneously in streaming (and in the “secondary channels” that this entails), the live-action was a hit in theaters, with 233.5 million dollars grossed worldwide (a more than estimable figure taking into account the circumstances), which led the studio to greenlight a sequel with Stone back in the lead. Yes, that is, a sequel to the prequel.

Emma Stone

Since Disney announced the continuation, we have hardly had any news about the project, but now, thanks to one of its actors, we already have a rough idea of ​​when it will be shot. It was Paul Walter Hauser, who plays one of Cruella’s henchmen, Horace. The actor is promoting his new miniseries for Apple TV +, ‘Locked up with the devil’, and During an interview with Forbes, he revealed that the filming of the sequel will take place in 2023..

“They told me it will be next year”Hauser says. “I don’t know when, but I think Tony McNamara is writing the script right now. He’s sure he’s giving it some tweaks. We have to adjust to the always busy schedule of Craig Gillespie and Emma Stone, who are worth waiting for. So when they want to start, I’ll be there.”.

Gillespie (‘I, Tonya’) returns to directing after handling the first film, with McNamara (screenwriter of the acclaimed ‘The Favourite’ and ‘The Great’ returning to write the script. If Hauser’s estimates are true and the filming of ‘Cruella 2’ takes place in 2023, the sequel could be expected in 2024, all depending on when exactly filming takes place.

Emma, ​​by the hair

Before it was announced last August 2021 that Emma Stone would return as Cruella in the sequel, The actress had started a dispute with Disney driven by the demand for Scarlett Johansson around the hybrid premiere of ‘Black Widow’. Like the Marvel actress, Stone asked the studio for compensation for breaching the condition of releasing only in theaters and, therefore, reducing her economic profits. Finally, Stone and Disney reached an agreement (the figure she received is unknown), and the actress agreed to return for the second part. All’s well That ends well.

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